Argentina toy company sells black doll at a lower price than identical white one, sparks outrage

Argentina toy company sells black doll at a lower price than identical white one, sparks outrage

A toy company in Argentina is facing heavy criticism after a customer visiting a supermarket found that  a white baby doll was priced higher than an identical black doll of the same company.

The news came to light after the customer posted a picture of the shocking price discrepancy on Twitter this week. The customer also added that he considered the difference between the prices of the doll a racist move. 

The Twitter user tweeted the pictures of both 'Tu Bebe' ['Your Baby'] dolls which were hanging beside each other in a shop at the Atomo supermarket in the city of Godoy Cruz in the province of Mendoza, according to the Daily Mail.

According to the tweet, the dolls reportedly had a difference of around 100 Argentine pesos in their pricing. While the white doll sold for 499 Argentine pesos, or the equivalent of $13, the black doll had a selling price of 399 Argentine pesos, about $10.


Each doll had a signage label stapled to it, which featured the image of a smiling white baby boy.

An employee of the particular store, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the store received the merchandise with the price already attached to the packaging label, according to the news outlet.



A representative for the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism [INADI], Daniel Di Giuseppe, said that the agency would look into whether the difference in pricing was an intentional "act of xenophobia or discrimination" by the toy making firm.

"There is no formal complaint lodged against the event yet but Inadi could send its officers to verify [if it is a deliberate] act of xenophobia or discrimination by the manufacturer," Di Giuseppe said.


"As there is no particular victim to be compensated financially, the economic fine, in such case, would be for the company if any fault is proven," he added.

The provincial senator Lautaro Jiménez (FIT) also commented on the issue, saying that he plans to draft a bill to prevent this kind of behavior by firms.

"This discrimination is not only about race and gender: there is another more general one that needs to be addressed legislatively," he said in a dialogue with Cadena 3. "There must be legislation that prevents this type of arbitrariness, implicitly implying a discrimination be it for ideas, skin color, gender, that's why we think about starting a discussion in parliament," he explained.


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 Toy company sparks outrage for selling black doll at a cheaper rate that its idential white doll