TOWIE's Myles Barnett reveals why his relationship with Courtney Green did not work out a second time

Myles Barnett and Courtney Green were supposed to go on a holiday to Mexico but at the last moment Courtney decided not to go because it just wasnt working for the two of them!

                            TOWIE's Myles Barnett reveals why his relationship with Courtney Green did not work out a second time
Myles Barnett and Courtney Green (Source:Getty Images)

Myles Barnett and Courtney Green have been in an on and off relationship for a while and just when people thought that the two might have worked things out between them, it seems like they have decided to end their relationship for good. During the end of the series for The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) things seemed promising for the pair as Myles had invited Courtney to come on a vacation with him to Mexico. 

Even though Courtney was thrilled about the idea and agreed to come along, it looks like she had a change of heart. Speaking to The Sun, Myles revealed that the pair never went on that holiday and things are over between them. "Me and Courtney aren't together now. We broke up. And we never went on that holiday," he said. It just wasn't working and we split up. I've been spending time with the boys and working." He added that "it's not been great."

However, Courtney always had her concerns with the relationship which she even expressed when Myles had asked her to come with him on a holiday. The two met up for dinner when Courtney told him, " The thing I'm scared about is giving my heart back and you breaking it in again." There had been rumors about him cheating on with a girl but he insisted that none of them were true. 

"In the last year, I haven’t been proud of the way I've acted. I'm asking and I'm not putting any pressure on you but I have booked a holiday to Mexico and there's a spare seat," he said. This came as a shock to Courtney who responded with "Are you joking?" But more shocking was the news of Myles telling her that the tickets were booked for the next day. At first, fans were curious if she would take the offer. 

Talking to her friend, Chloe Meadows, Courtney seemed to be convinced that it would be a good idea to give their relationship a second chance. "I think my heart's telling me one thing, and that is to go to Mexico," she said. While she seemed to be convinced about her decision, viewers were not happy that the reality star had decided to give Myles a second chance knowing that he had cheated on her. 

People were quick to express their disappointment on Twitter. "Courtney's gonna let this holiday blind her, he's taking you out the country so you can't hear any more information," wrote one Twitter user, while another added, "soo soon Courtney, typical as a controlling person to say that they are not pressuring u but they have booked a holiday to Mexico the next day."