'Tough as Nails': Michelle secures her spot on show, calls her individual challenge win a 'victory for women'

'Tough as Nails': Michelle secures her spot on show, calls her individual challenge win a 'victory for women'
Michelle (CBS)

Michelle S Kiddy and Lee Marshall had a loss in the group challenge when their team, the Savage Crew did not win. However, the two hoped they would be able to save their place in the game when it comes to the individual challenge.

The individual challenge gave the task of irrigating the field. Unlike the other individual challenge, this task saw cast members pairing up. Kelly "Murph" Murphy was given the task of choosing the pairs as he earned an advantage in the previous round. While he played to his strengths, his paired landed Michelle and Lee in the bottom two. 

Michelle admitted that she did not want to go against Lee because he was an excellent player but added that she would play the game fairly. Looking at how Melissa Burns and Linnett Key were already out of the individual challenge, Michelle knew she wanted to win the game for the girls. 

The task up their sleeve was to undo the knots that gathered the haystack together and then pile them one on top of the other to make sure it gives them enough height to ring the bell that was tied on top. To make sure the game was fair, the haystacks were half the weight of each contestant. 

Meanwhile, Lee's bell was a bit higher than Michelle because he was taller. As soon as the time started running, the two put their best foot forward and started the job. Michelle knew it was important for her to win because she wanted to prove to everyone that a woman can do anything. Most often, people thought of Michelle as someone who might be a setback for the team due to her age but time and again she has proven that she is more than her age. Putting in all the energy they both had, Michelle and Lee started pilling up the haystacks. 

As they got closer to the bell, everyone was holding on to their seats to find out who will win as the two managed to pile up enough haystacks at the same time. Michelle won the challenge with a close win and that meant Lee was out of the individual challenge. She was happy to have won and admitted that "this is a victory for women" as she secured her place in the game. 

'Tough As Nails' airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on CBS.

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