'Total Divas' season 9 premiere: Fans claims Nia Jax should stop picking on Carmella and move on

'Total Divas' season 9 premiere: Fans claims Nia Jax should stop picking on Carmella and move on

Apart from punches, a lot of words were also thrown around when 'Total Divas' season 9 premiered. Though the series might have received the lowest ratings in its history, fans seem to already be in love with it and the cast, except for Nia Jax. 

When the series premiere on Wednesday night we witnessed Nia go all out after Carmella and accused her of playing it safe on the series. It all started when Nia and Carmella had to go against each other during the Rumble's upcoming group match. 

This left Nia with cold feet as she tries to explain that she doesn't respect Carmella's work, but it is clear that the duo has personal issues. To make matters worse Nia tells Tamina, "I feel as though Carmella has kind of strayed away from what we're trying to express to the world…that we're more than eye candy." This was in reference to the steps the WWE's women's division has been taking to gain representation as equal to the male wrestlers. 



Hearing what Nia said about Carmella didn't sit well with fans who claim that Nia has no right to talk about women empowerment and then shame her very own colleague. 

Taking to Twitter a fan wrote, "No wonder a lot of the girls in the back hate Nia Jax, the way she’s treating Carmella on @TotalDivas is so gross. Team Carmella #totaldivas." Adding to that another fan said, "Nia calling Carmella fake & making her cry.. ugh poor Carmella, Nia is a nightmare #TotalDivas." 

"#TotalDivas Nia talks about women empowerment she needs to squash your differences with Carmela then she would be leading by example stop the petty bickering," said a fan. While another added, "No Nia how dare you talk about women empowerment and building up women yet put down a woman simply because she’s safe? DISGUSTING. #TotalDivas." 




We can't wait to see what the forthcoming episodes has in store for us? Will the Nia drama continue? Or will she find her peace? 

'Total Divas' season 9 airs every Wednesday night. Check your local listings for more information. 

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