'Total Divas' Season 9: Corey and Carmella's relationship on the show has fans already shipping the couple

'Total Divas' Season 9: Corey and Carmella's relationship on the show has fans already shipping the couple

'Total Divas' returned to our screens with a brand new episode and it was as eventful as always. 

On tonight's episode, we saw Sonya Deville finally participate in her very first parade with a float designed by her. Happy that the day had come and was joyous, Sonya, Carmella, Charly, her family, and her friends celebrate the day with some drinks and then go parading in the float while throwing confetti at the crowd. 

Natalya was seen opening up about her father to Ronda Rousey and couldn't help but break down. Their friendship is something that caught on with the fans and viewers. However, Sonya and Ronda are already feuding on Twitter. 

But what stood out the entire episode and made fans giddy was the relationship between Carmella and Corey Graves. Last week we witnessed Carmella open up to Sonya about her relationship with Corey, and about how his ex-wife called her a homewrecker on social media. Sonya comforted Carmella saying that she is not a homewrecker. 

Meanwhile this week, Carmella decided to throw Corey a surprise birthday party, not knowing it would not go the way she expected it to. After Corey told Carmella that he is not worried about what others say and wants to look after her, Carmella planned an 80s themed party for Corey. 

While everything was ready for the party, Corey called Carmella and informed her that he will not be able to make it to the party because there was a storm on the rise. Sad, Carmella does not have a clue what to tell the people who have started arriving for the party. She finally broke the news to them, but they continue to enjoy the party.  However, one person who doesn't feel fine at the party was Sonya, who was distressed about the fact that she wore on a dress to a themed party. Towards the end of the party, Corey called up Carmella and apologized for missing the party.

This relationship between Corey and Carmella has fans shipping the couple. Taking to social media, fans revealed how Carmella and Corey are perfect for each other while Carmella is smitten by Corey. 

"Carmella is too giddy about Corey lol #TotalDivas," wrote a fan on Twitter. Adding to that another fan said, "Carmella and Corey!! Carmella is just the sweetest in every aspect! We love the Fabulous Princess!! Glad to get to know her more this season!! #TotalDivas." 


"@CarmellaWWE hey Carmella! Watching total divas and u and Corey are so cute together! Screw the haters! U do what makes u happy! U r amazing! #totaldivas," a fan shared while another said, "Nice that Carmella and Corey are supportive of each other in their relationship! #TotalDivas." 

We can't wait to see what the series holds us next week when 'Total Divas' season 9 returns. Check your local listings for more information. 

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