'Total Bellas' season 4 episode 4: Nikki wants Artem's help with a hot bod and Brie isn't too happy about it

Nikki wants to bring Artem onboard to help her with a choreography for her mum Kathy Colace but as she gets closer to Artem, it worries Brie.

                            'Total Bellas' season 4 episode 4: Nikki wants Artem's help with a hot bod and Brie isn't too happy about it

Nikki Bella has had enough of people in her life bossing her around and telling her what to do. It doesn't come as a surprise really since we've known her to always be headstrong and a go-getter, who makes her own decisions. On this season of 'Total Bellas' especially, she's all about exploring her newly single life and finding her own identity, without the baggage that came with being John Cena's fiancee.  



In this clip from Sunday's all-new 'Total Bellas', the WWE star reveals to her sister Brie Bella over a one on one that she wants to work with her 'Dancing With the Stars' partner Artem Chigvintsev's to get back in shape. "I absolutely loved the shape I was in when I was dancing," Nikki confesses in the sneak peek. "Doing this dance with my mom means that I could be in that same shape for Evolution, because that's what I really, really want. Like, so bad!" 

Nikki and Brie are making a comeback with Evolution on the show and it definitely wouldn't hurt her to look fitter than she already does. However, Brie appears to think that it probably isn't a good idea, considering the rumors that it could spark, especially after their very cute date. Nikki, unsurprisingly, doesn't take this sitting down. "I have amazing chemistry with people in the ring, people don't call me a lesbian!" Nikki says furiously, "I'm just trying to prove a point." Fair point. 

This entire season has been about the family desperately wishing she moved on and it has been getting on Nikki's nerves a lot. Remember the blind date everyone set her up with without even telling her? Nikki had been upset and angry and had just talked about how she just wants to live her life. 



"You don't think the media's gonna blow it out of proportion and makeup all this B.S.? Yeah, the media is crazy," Brie tells her sister which appears to calm her down a bit. Nikki tells Brie that she considers Artem to be one of her close friends and that she really wants to do this. "It just sucks because I'm in a situation where I feel like everyone's constantly telling me how to live my life," Nikki says. "Unfortunately, that's the position we're in," Brie states as a matter of fact. 

Nikki and Artem did spark romance rumors recently, but it had a lot to do with a beaming Nikki on a date with him than anything else. In the last episode, the two meet in town for a lunch date and their chemistry is unmistakable, to say the least.  

Episode 4 of 'Total Bellas' airs on Sunday, February 2 at 9 p.m., only on E!