'Total Bellas' season 3 episode 5: Maya Laurinaitis's nerves almost spoils Birdiebee's first fashion show

Maya is just 16 years old and has never walked the runway before and the twins start to worry when her walk is nowhere near perfect in the practice session

                            'Total Bellas' season 3 episode 5: Maya Laurinaitis's nerves almost spoils Birdiebee's first fashion show

The Bella Twins have a lot going on - they have a successful wine company, an incredibly great career in WWE and a clothing brand that can only be described as phenomenal. What's more, Birdiebee, their clothing brand had their first ever fashion show this week. However, with the twins including a newbie in the model roster, who also happens to be their stepsister, they end up complicating things. Maya Laurinaitis, Johnny Ace, and Kathy Colace's daughter and the twins' sister walked the runway for the brand in Phoenix in front of around two thousand people and her nerves almost screwed up the whole thing. 



 During a family gathering before the event, Maya confesses to the twins that she had been feeling "horrible" and "nervous" and it worries Brie a little. "I hope Maya is not too shy because first impressions are always the ones that mean the most," Brie says in a confessional sitting alongside Nikki who seems shocked. Brie, who is in complete Brie mode says, "I mean, let's talk business right now." "Oh my god!" says Nikki, "she just went straight into business mode. It's already a lot of pressure to make us proud as sisters."

To ease the tension, they ask Maya to walk to which the 16-year-old flatly denies. "No please don't," she says, "I'm ok"

At the day of the fashion show, the twins' worries get even more pronounced as Maya just isn't able to get her model strut on point. Heather, who is a part of the brand calls the twins aside to talk to them about Maya. "Can we talk in private?" she tells the bosses, with a worried look on her face. "I'm a little concerned about Maya," she tells the twins. "The reason being is that the other models are pretty much veterans and they know this runway. I just don't want her to stick out and she's gonna stick out if she walks the way she was practicing last night. If you girls could just talk to her.." she says, "and tell her to not be so stiff.." 



Now Nikki was the person who encouraged Maya to be a model and even held her hand through her first ever photoshoot (also for Birdiebee), so naturally, she was the one giving the pep talk. "It would kill us if something bad happened," Brie tells the camera as Nikki quips, "I just want her to fall in the pool!"

When Maya finally walks on the runway, she's far from a seasoned model, but the twins think that it fits with their brand. "We celebrate imperfections because imperfections are what make us beautiful," Nikki tells the camera. 

Maya, who has joined the cast of the show this season, was at the receiving end of social media backlash earlier, that accused the twins of taking her in just because she was family and that she didn't really have the talent.

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