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'Total Bellas': Nikki celebrates with a bottle of wine while Artem gets upset over failed pregnancy test

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev had a pregnancy scare and their reactions were polar opposites
UPDATED MAY 15, 2020
Nikki Bella (Getty Images)
Nikki Bella (Getty Images)

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev had been dating for a couple of months and had never expected they would have to face a situation where they had a pregnancy scare. Nikki thought there would be a slight chance she was pregnant when she told her mother, Kathy Laurinaitis she was two weeks late on her periods. 

Nikki further revealed she was having cravings for certain food items. Connecting all the dots, Kathy was convinced Nikki might be pregnant. She motivated her to take a pregnancy test and Artem happened to walk-in on the conversation. Nikki assured Artem there was nothing to worry about and the two decided to go ahead with the pregnancy test. 

It seemed like Artem had his heart set on becoming a father as to when the pregnancy test came out negative, he was upset. He admitted he was bummed to know that she was not pregnant. However, Nikki had a polar opposite reaction to the news. She admitted she was happy and relieved. 

Nikki was quick to add that she was not ready to have a child as she had a lot on her plate. With her career taking a different direction, Nikki knew she had to concentrate on her other baby, that is, her career. She further revealed all her businesses had a lot going on and at this point, she did not want to take the responsibility of having a child. 

At the same time, Nikki thought of all the things that were there on her bucket list. She thought about having her YouTube channel, starting a podcast, and many others. She told Artem about all the things she had planned for her future and how a baby did not fit into that picture. 

However, this situation made her wonder where she stood with Artem. She knew they had a good relationship and were serious about each other but one thing they did not discuss with each other was the topic of having a child. While she knew it had to be a discussion that was needed, Nikki just wanted to celebrate after hearing the good news that she was not pregnant. 

She decided to celebrate with a bottle of wine and invited her mom to join in but this incident paved the way for some of the questions that Nikki needed to be answered in her and Artem's relationship. 

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