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'Total Bellas': Nikki contemplates quitting wrestling as she is warned 'one bad move can mean paralysis'

Nikki Bella has to make some tough choices as she finds out that her wrestling days might be over
Nikki Bella (Getty Images)
Nikki Bella (Getty Images)

Bella sisters - Brie and Nikki - have made great strides in the wrestling world. Since then, they have been making a name for themselves by showcasing their talent. However, the latest episode of 'Total Bellas' on April 30, showed that Nikki's wrestling days might be coming to an end. Nikki had been having trouble with making a decision about going back to the ring after she suffered a neck injury. 

Despite this, she did not want to give up on her dream and decided to visit the doctor to ask if she could continue wrestling. Nikki was open about how she would love to be back in the ring as she spoke about getting offers to be inside the ring. However, her doctor warned her that she would be taking a lot of risks if she decided to go back. 

The doctor tried to explain how the wrestling ring is an unpredictable zone as there are chances for Nikki to get hurt if someone from outside the ring decides to come and attack her. Nikki was further told that if an incident such as that occurred, she was increasing the likelihood of some serious consequences. 

He further added that one bad move could mean paralysis for her while adding it could also mean that she may not be able to walk ever again. Nikki was disappointed to hear this but she knew she did not want to risk her life. 

Nikki admitted she did not like hearing that she would have to give up on something that she loved so much. It also made her question what was next in her life. Brie tried to make her understand that she does not have to give up on wrestling altogether and could take up projects that do not require her to be in the ring. 

Nikki thought she would want to work backstage even if she did not have to be in the ring. Meanwhile, Nikki also had help from her friend, Natalya Neidhart who informed her that she had other things to look forward to besides wrestling. 

Nikki was pleased to hear that it was not the end of her career. She decided to spread her wings and see what else can do besides wrestling. 

'Total Bellas' airs on Thursdays at 9 pm ET on E!