'Total Bellas': Nikki Bella hints jealousy played a role in her and John Cena's breakup

Nikki Bella's fight with Artem brought back memories about her past relationship with John Cena

                            'Total Bellas': Nikki Bella hints jealousy played a role in her and John Cena's breakup
John Cena, Nikk Bella (Getty Images)

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev had everyone convinced that their relationship is perfect but the latest episode (May 7) showed a side of the couple that was never seen before. The latest episode had Artem wondering if Nikki and he were fit for each other after the two got into a big argument. 

Artem was convinced Nikki was flirting with another guy and he was not happy about finding her drunk when he arrived at the pub. The night ended with the pair getting into a heated argument and Nikki thinking that her relationship with Artem will not survive if he is jealous. 

The next day, Nikki decided to open up about her feelings to her sister Brie Bella. Brie, who was also present when the incident took place, reminded Nikki that Artem was not at fault and that she saw him texting him things when he wasn't texting her. Nikki admitted she had been drunk but that did not give Atrtem the pass to treat her the way he did. She went on to add that she did not want to be in a relationship that is filled with jealousy as she had faced the same in the past.

Nikki admitted jealously had been one of the main reasons why her past relationships had not worked out and she did not want to be in a similar situation again. She further added that situations like this made her feel like she was in no position to talk as she felt helpless for not understanding what the other person was thinking. 

The reality star was concerned as she never thought she would be facing a situation like this with Artem. Nikki also did not think she did anything wrong as she felt Artem was behaving as if she had given someone a lap dance. While she questioned her relationship with Artem, she made it clear that she had no room for a relationship in which jealous was involved. 

Before Artem, Nikki was dating John Cena and the pair had a lot of problems. While Cena also appeared on the show, jealousy had been a factor that was often discussed between them when it came to their relationship. Nikki admitted that the situation with Artem triggered her memories of past relationships. 

It seems like Nikki and Artem's fight had her thinking about her relationship with Cena but fortunately, she was able to sort things out this time unlike in her previous relationship. 

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