'Total Bellas': Waiter spills wine on Nikki but one detail has hawk-eyed fans wondering if the show is scripted

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev go on a date but a crucial moment from their date night has everyone questioning if the show is actually staged

                            'Total Bellas': Waiter spills wine on Nikki but one detail has hawk-eyed fans wondering if the show is scripted
Nikki Bella (E!)

Reality television has always faced this one biggest question — is it all real or are parts of it scripted? The latest show to be put on the stage this time is 'Total Bellas'. The show follows the life of Brie and Nikki Bella who made a name for themselves in the wrestling world. Since then, the twins have managed to spread their wings in different sectors. Their fame also landed them their own show on E!. The show follows their everyday life and gives viewers an opportunity to have a look inside their lives and how they handle their relationships. Nikki also had her ex-partner John Cena on the show for a long time and now that they have broken up, her new partner Artem Chigvintsev is gracing the screen. 

While there is no doubt that the twins keep the viewers entertained with the show, the previous episode that aired on May 14 had everyone scratching their heads and wondering if the show was scripted. The episode showed Artem and Nikki heading out on a romantic date to talk about everything that had been going on. After a pregnancy scare, the two seemed to have polar opposite reactions to the news. While Nikki seemed happy that she wasn't pregnant, Artem seemed disappointed. The pair knew it was best to talk about it over dinner. As the conversation went on, Nikki took a sip of her wine but it fell on her after the waiter's hand touched the glass. 

Nikki stated it was completely fine but eagle-eyed fans could not help but notice how the scene looked intentional. Many kept rewinding the scene and noticed that the waiter had stuck his finger out intentionally and managed to hit the glass right when Nikki was drinking. Some called out the scene stating that it looked like it had been scripted and wondered if the waiter had been paid a lot for it. "Obviously it was intentional!! The real question is if the waiter was being an A**hole or was it staged by the show and they told him to do it??" one fan wrote. Another added, "Couldn’t have been more staged. Who falls for this s**t." While another wrote, "Really? How much did you guys pay him to do that?"

You can watch the video here and let us know what you think about this scene in the comment section below. 'Total Bellas' airs on Thursdays at 9 pm ET on E!

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