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'Total Bellas': Bryan shows the dark side of depression as he breaks down during a healing ritual with Brie

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are trying to save their marriage as they head down to Sedona but their trip ends with Bryan in tears
Bryan and Brie (E!)
Bryan and Brie (E!)

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella have been having trouble in their marriage for some time and the pair decided to work on their relationship by heading down to Sedona and spending some quality time together. Sedona was the place where Bryan and Brie got married. The pair thought it would be the perfect place for them to head back and spend some time together. 

As the pair arrived at the location, they felt like they were walking down memory lane as they relived the time when Brie walked down the aisle where Bryan had been waiting or her. As they made themselves comfortable, they decided to head out to the first place they had planned for the trip. Bryan had thought it would be good to have a session of Native American healing ritual. He revealed he had been dealing with depression for a long period and was aware of the effects this healing process had on it. He hoped it would do wonders for their relationship as well. 

As the ritual started, Brie and Bryan felt relaxed but after some time, Bryan broke down crying. Brie was shocked to see this side of Bryan and revealed she was surprised to see the darkness come out of him and it made her realize where Bryan stood in terms of his mental health. Meanwhile, Bryan felt strange as he felt like an observer who did not have any control over his actions. He hinted he realized what was happening around him but was not in a position to control himself. Bryan revealed he as if he was in a 'trance' and that he felt calm after everything was over. 

The situation also made Brie realize how she was not listening to Bryan all this time. She recalled Bryan saying he wanted a simpler life and felt upset about not listening to him enough. Bryan admitted he felt closer to Brie after the session while Brie stated she realized how it was important to put effort into the marriage. The pair then decided to meet another healer, this time, it was a lady who focused on healing stones. During this session, Bryan opened up about feeling upset about walking away from Brie for three months. He tried to explain that his actions were influenced by how he was feeling at that time and had nothing to do with Brie. 

Brie admitted she understood what was happening but felt bad at that time because she felt Bryan chose to walk away to find something to heal but didn't choose her to heal. The two ended the session by saying things they loved about each other. 

Brie stated she loved how Bryan was loving towards everyone while Bryan revealed he was in love with the positive energy that followed Brie. As the trip came to an end, Brie and Bryan felt closer than ever and understood the importance of working on their marriage and spending quality time together. 

'Total Bellas' airs on Thursdays at 9 pm ET on E!