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'Total Bellas': Artem jokes he will sell his liver as he struggles to find a wedding ring fits for his budget

Artem Chigvintsev takes the big decision of finding a perfect ring for Nikki Bella but things don't go as planned when he looks at the price of the rings
Artem and Nikki (E!)
Artem and Nikki (E!)

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev have had lots of ups and downs but it looks like the couple has come to the conclusion that they are in this relationship forever. In the latest episode (May 21), Artem and Nikki had a fallout during their discussion about having children. Nikki revealed she was planning to freeze her eggs but thought it was a decision she had to make by herself. 

Meanwhile, Artem thought he should have been involved in this decision-making process because they were dating. The two have had their differences for a long time about making a decision after discussing but it looks like Nikki did not pay attention to this yet again. She justified her actions by stating it is her body and they were not married to get him involved in this decision. 

Luckily, they were able to come to a conclusion after discussing it out. Nikki admitted she had done a mistake and invited Artem to move in with him. She confessed that they were ready to take their relationship to the next level. While it seemed like the pair had been serious, Brie Bella knew that Artem needed a little help to understand Nikki better. 

Brie decided to meet Artem and hinted that Nikki is worried about commitment and needs to be pushed into it. She hinted that she could help him find the perfect ring for her as she knew someone who could help him find the perfect ring and keep it a secret at the same time. She added that Nikki wanted a big diamond ring, somewhere around five karats. Artem was shocked to hear this and joked he was all set to go sell his liver. His fears were brought to life when he went for wedding ring shopping along with Nikki. 

Nikki and Artem thought they could go for wedding ring shopping for fun but that trip soon turned into a stressful situation for Artem. When he heard the prices he was worried about how he could afford them. Artem hinted that he was torn between choosing a ring fit for his budget while keeping in mind the ring she deserved. 

Nikki could see how stressed he was and hinted he did not have to make a decision now. Artem agreed but one could sure see the stress on his face. Will he finally find a ring that he is satisfied with?

'Total Bellas' airs on Thursdays at 9 pm ET on E!