'Total Bellas': Artem storms out after he finds Nikki flirting with another man on their date night

Artem Chigvintsev and Nikki Bella were all set to have a romantic date night but a few drinks ruined the special time that Artem had planned

                            'Total Bellas': Artem storms out after he finds Nikki flirting with another man on their date night
Nikki Bella, Artem Chigvintsev (Getty Images)

Artem Chigvintsev and Nikki Bella's relationship has had everyone wishing they had a bond like this duo but the latest episode (May 7) showed how their relationship is far from perfect. The new episode showed Artem all excited for a night out with Nikki but things took a different turn when he arrived at the place and found Nikki drunk.

Artem had expected Nikki to wait for him along with her sister, Brie Bella, but unfortunately, he was left disappointed. Nikki had a couple of drinks and seemed drunk and to make things worse, Artem saw Nikki flirting with another man. While Nikki denied the flirting incident, Artem thought she was trying to cover up her mistakes. 

He decided to walk away and Brie had to try to control the situation. While Brie decided to run behind Artem, Nikki thought about staying back and have some good time as she did not think she was doing anything wrong. Artem was not happy that Nikki did not come to talk to him and instead chose to have the time of her life despite knowing things were rocky between them. 

Brie explained the guy she was talking to had been their friends for a long time. While she managed to convince Artem to come back, he was not too happy to see Nikki still dancing with another man. He thought it was ridiculous and decided to storm out. This time, Nikki followed and asked him what the matter was. 

She explained she did not think she did anything wrong as she just had a couple of drinks. Artem justified his actions by stating it felt like she did not respect the relationship because he was hoping to have a good time with her but that took a different turn as he arrived at a scene where Nikki was having a good time with other people and was already drunk. 

Nikki made it clear that she won't be apologizing for having a couple of drinks and neither did she want to be in a relationship with someone who was filled with jealousy. Artem knew it was best to walk out of the conversation. While the two ended up having a fallout, the incident led him to question if they were fit to be with each other. Will this end the puppy love period in their relationship?

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