'Total Bellas': Before Nikki Bella found out about her pregnancy, she felt she was 'not ready for a baby' yet

Nikki Bella might be in for a surprise as the latest episode showed the emotions she was going through before she discovered she was pregnant

                            'Total Bellas': Before Nikki Bella found out about her pregnancy, she felt she was 'not ready for a baby' yet
Nikki Bella (Getty Images)

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev are expecting their first child together but the latest episode (May 7) of 'Total Bellas' allowed fans to see how Nikki found out she was pregnant.

The pair had just had their first big argument as jealousy and trust issues crept into their relationship. Luckily, they were able to mend their relationship soon after. 

While things seemed good between the two, Nikki thought that something was different in the way she was feeling. She decided to go out with her mother, Kathy Laurinaitis but revealed she was staying away from alcohol because of how she was feeling. 

Nikki confessed she was also craving things like she never did before and had missed her periods. Kathy seemed concerned and questioned if Nikki thought she was pregnant.

Nikki admitted she did not want to think about it as she and Artem had just had a big fight and she wanted a child only when she was sure about where their relationship stood.

She recalled that they just had a big fight and she was trying to find a perfect way to define what they had. Nikki admitted that "a baby does not fit into my life right now". With her career taking a different turn and her still figuring out her relationship with Artem, Nikki knew that having a baby now would not be a good idea. 

While she tried to dodge the conversation, Kathy knew it was important to get some answers now. Kathy brought some pregnancy tests and asked Nikki to take one. However, Nikki seemed hesitant to find the answer and stated she would rather wait and see if she got her periods. 

Hearing this Kathy decided to turn to Brie Bella for some help. However, Brie did not know what was happening. Kathy decided to disclose the big news and the possibility that Nikki might be pregnant. While Brie was shocked, she knew it was best for Nikki to find answers in the early stage. 

Nikki knew the only way to keep her mother and sister satisfied was by taking the test but was interrupted by Artem walking in. While he was still in the dark about what was happening, the next episode will surely be exciting as the couple learns about the pregnancy. 

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