Top June K-pop Acts: 3rd gen groups BTS, Seventeen, NCT Dream and GOT7 dominate the charts

Top June K-pop Acts: 3rd gen groups BTS, Seventeen, NCT Dream and GOT7 dominate the charts
BTS, Seventeen, NCT Dream and GOT7 are honored by Circle Chart (@bts_bighit, @pledis_17, @NCTsmtown_DREAM, @GOT7/Twitter)

With K-pop going global, even Gaon Music Chart, one of the most reputable Korean music charts has rebranded as Circle Chart to represent K-pop’s influence. They have also taken it upon themselves to honor album sales certificates to the top K-pop acts of each month starting with June 2022. Like Gaon, they will release a monthly list where they award badges like platinum and million-seller as we saw with the likes of Red Velvet, TWICE, NCT Dream, BTS and more in the past.

In May, we saw groups like Red Velvet, IVE and Monsta X get awarded with multi-platinum badges for their best-selling albums. Circle Chart partners up with KMCA to honor K-pop albums that cross a minimum of 250k sales and are older than six weeks. This is why fans already knew that third-gen groups would dominate the chart as BTS, Seventeen, NCT Dream and GOT7 made the list in June.

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Circle Chart honors album sales certificate to third-gen stars

On July 7, Circle Chart released the list for June that included K-pop acts that have been awarded album sales certificates. With BTS finally making a comeback after two years, it is a given that they would be dominating the charts domestically, as well as internationally. Well, their 2018 album ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ has officially been certified as a triple-million seller. 

Under the same company as BTS, Seventeen is the next K-pop group to have a successful month. Fans already knew they’d break records when their fourth studio album ‘Face the Sun’ reached 2 million pre-orders and actual one million sales in its first day. They ended up crossing 2 million in its first week which has led to Circle Chart awarding them a double-million badge.

Rookie and trot sensation Lim Young-woong was competing in the leagues of BTS and PSY with his debut album ‘Im Hero’. Fans already knew he was the nation’s favorite as he had gone viral in 2021 with just a couple of singles. Well, his first album ‘Im Hero’ had crossed 940k sales on day 1 making him the first soloist in K-pop history to do so. Well, crossing a total of million sales on day 2, ‘Im Hero’ is officially a million-selling album.



Despite debuting only in 2019, TXT has been able to hold their own among the juggernauts. In fact, their latest album ‘Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’ became the 10th most pre-ordered album in history with 1.4 million pre-orders. They made 918k sales on day 1 and crossed 1.2 million in the first week. ‘Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’ is TXT’s first million-selling album.

GOT7 karma seems to be real as the iconic third-gen boy group proved all of their haters wrong who had claimed they had disbanded by coming back after a year with their self-titled and self-composed album ‘GOT7’. The international reception was overwhelming as GOT7 became the fastest Asian act to top iTunes in 100 countries with ‘GOT7’. It also got them their highest first-day and first-week sales with 191k and 371k copies respectively. Well, it is now double-platinum for crossing 500k sales.

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NCT Dream also happens to be on a streak with ‘Glitch Mode’ becoming their fastest million-seller while ‘Beatbox’ becoming the second-highest repackaged album. But it was their third mini-album that had started charting and ended up crossing 500k sales to become double platinum. HYBE’s rookie girls Le Sserafim also had a good debut as their first mini-album ‘Fearless’ became a platinum seller while Stray Kids’ ‘Cle 2: Yellow Wood’ is also a platinum album. Other third-gen groups were also part of the June list as Astro’s ‘Drive to the Starry Road’ became a platinum-seller while Oh My Girl’s ‘Dun Dun Dance’ is a platinum single for crossing 100 million streams.


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