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'Top Chef': Brian Malarkey goes from being most hated to a fan favorite, thanks to his self-deprecating humor

Viewers are slowly warming up to the chef's fun side as they didn't know that he was the comedic relief they needed
Brian Malarkey (NBCU)
Brian Malarkey (NBCU)

Brian Malarkey is easily one of the most entertaining contestants on Bravo's 'Top Chef'. He keeps everyone engaged with his quips and jabs, but there was a time when he had become quite the eyesore and fans would reject him and his work in an instant. 

Malarkey has a serious affinity for ice creams and that baffles both viewers and him. "I have no idea why I keep going to the ice cream machine. I don't even make icecream at my own restaurant," the chef shared during his green room interview and added that he will be making a pink peppercorn ice cream. "The ice cream man is back." It's not too hard to believe that Malarkey would pick odd ingredients for a dessert, except this time it was different. The contestants were blindfolded and asked to guess the ingredients. The ones they guessed correctly were added to their list and asked to create a sweet treat using just those. 

Malarkey said he was a co-host of a TV show that was all about tasting food items, which meant his taste buds should be in good shape. Going by his past experience, he should have won the challenge. With just seven correct answers to 15 questions, he placed last among the six chefs who participated in the guessing game. This meant, he would only have 30 minutes to put together a dessert. As Malarkey went along the challenge, he joked: "What am I going to do with the extra time. Oh! I didn't get time." And this showed that he was able to make fun of himself. However, the guy managed to wrap up earlier than expected. He baked a woodfire cake, which the guest judge thought was well-done and spongy. 

Viewers, who have until now hated his guts, called him names and wanted him eliminated, are slowly warming up to his fun side. "Bewildered that Malarkey has made it this far but I do find him oddly entertaining. #TopChef," a fan commented, while another said: "Malarkey is the comedic relief we didn't know we needed." One more said, "I. Love. Malarkey. That’s it. The end. #TopChef," and another viewer added, "Never boring." 

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