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Top 5 TikTok food trends to try in 2023

From Tin Fish Date to Million Dollar Spaghetti, TikTok's food trends are going places
TikTok users are always up for weird and delicious trends (@alihooke/Instagram/EasyPeasyPan/YouTube)
TikTok users are always up for weird and delicious trends (@alihooke/Instagram/EasyPeasyPan/YouTube)

TikTok, the House of Trends, has gained immense popularity across various age groups. Now some viral TikTok food trends have taken the internet by storm with their creativity, and deliciousness, with millions of users following these TikTok food trends.

Trends are emerging rapidly in various domains, from fashion and hairstyles to manifestation methods. TikTok, with over one billion global users, is consistently generating fascinating food content every year, and 2023 will be another year full of surprises.


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Top 5 TikTok trends every creator should try in 2023

Tin Fish Date

Despite how it sounds, tinned fish is becoming popular in 2023. This trend features a variety of preserved fish, including octopus, squid, and other unique ingredients, with sauces and herbs to add a burst of flavor. Interestingly, this trend became widespread after Ali Hooke, the creator of the Tinned Fish Date food trend, posted an ode to this delicacy on Instagram.


Million Dollar Spaghetti

Not on the healthy side, but definitely on the delicious end, is Million Dollar Spaghetti or the Viral TikTok Spaghetti. It is a recipe gaining popularity since the latter half of 2022. It is a favorite food trend among TikTok chefs since it only requires boiling spaghetti before placing it in a baking dish with béchamel sauce, tomato sauce, and cheese.

Here's Easy Peasy Pan trying the viral TikTok Million Dollar Spaghetti.


Eggs for Vegetarians

In 2023, plant-based food trends are still going strong, much to the delight of vegans worldwide. While we have seen a lot of meatless recipes and substitutes in the past, vegan eggs are a relatively new addition to the mix through TikTok. You can try a 'tofu scramble' recipe that uses healthy turmeric for color.

Here's a video of the famous tofu scramble termed as Vegan Eggs.


Crunchy Burger Wraps

This year started with a bang thanks to the viral popularity of the crunchy burger wrap on TikTok. The recipe, featuring two tortillas, chipotle mayo, a beef patty, American cheese, bacon, onions, and chips, has inspired other TikTokers to put their spin on it.

Here's Easy Peasy Pan trying out the crispy burger wraps that took TikTok by storm.


DIY Butter Boards

Butter boards have taken the internet by storm, either winning over fans or leaving others unimpressed. The concept is straightforward: Take a cutting board or serving plate, spread butter, and add your favorite toppings. Serve with a variety of bread and let everyone customize their snack board.

Here's Chica Jo sharing amazing Butter Boards recipe ideas.