Top 5 Comics Moments of the Week: Tattletales, zombies and a woman with a pneumatic pelvis of steel

Top 5 Comics Moments of the Week: Tattletales, zombies and a woman with a pneumatic pelvis of steel
'DCeased - Unkillables' #3 (Mostert/Scott/Edwards/Lokus/DC Comics)

Spoilers for comics released in the week of May 17-24

It's the second week after comics have returned to a somewhat familiar schedule of Wednesday releases. Though DC's Digital First comics continue to release on a weekly basis, this NCBD saw the long-awaited release of 'The Ludocrats' #1 and two installments from DC's greatest zombie event ever,  as Hawkeye's life continues to spin wildly out of control. We take a look at some of the best moments from the week that was. 

5. Good Kitty

Panels from 'DCeased - Unkillables' #3 (Mostert/Scott/Edwards/Lokus/DC Comics)

Cheetah is one of Wonder Woman's deadliest adversaries - one who continually gives in to her more bestial nature. She has quite a vicious streak, but in 'DCeased: Unkillables' we see a softer side to her emerge. Part of a team that is protecting a group of civilians - including a number of children - Cheetah bonds with a girl named Matilda over a mutual hatred for Wonder Woman. Cheetah is fiercely protective of the girl and after saving her from a zombified Mirror Master, Matilda pets Cheetah and calls her a "Good kitty." The action would have been a death sentence to anyone else and indeed, Cheetah implies that it is- but for Matilda, Cheetah's ready to make an exception.

4. Spider-Man tells on Hawkeye

Still from 'Hawkeye: Freefall' #5 (Rosenberg/Schmidt/Marvel Comics)

Hawkeye's one-man war against The Hood has involved an increasing number of bad decisions, not least of which is lying to his friends in the superhero community. He has been stealing money from criminals as Ronin and was unmasked by Spider-Man last issue. Clint lied to Spider-Man, claiming that his exploits as Ronin was a part of a secret mission from Captain America. Though Spider-Man let the matter drop when Clint invoked their friendship, it's obvious he didn't trust Clint entirely, as he checks in with Captain America himself as to the legitimacy of Hawkeye's mission. 

The moment is a real low point for Hawkeye, as his colleagues and closest friends have now caught him in a lie, as he performs one ill-advised action after another. Lying to Captain America only proves just how mired in bad decisions Hawkeye is and Spider-Man ratting Clint out is the closest he gets to having the intervention he desperately needs.

3. Ten feet tall with a pneumatic pelvis of steel

Panel from 'The Ludocrats' #1 (Gillen/Rossignol/Stokely/Bonvillain/Image Comics)

Image Comics' 'The Ludocrats' #1 is already off to a wild and appropriately absurd start. The series follows the story of the Ludocrats, a group of highly selective aristocrats living in a world where absurdity is its highest calling and the only crime one can commit is to be boring. The issue is filled with too many ridiculous moments to keep track of, but a highlight is the perfectly timed appearance of Grattina Gavelstein. Protagonist Otto van Subertan, a Ludocrat of monstrous appetites, is discussing his needs with fellow Ludocrat Professor Hades. Aware of just how insatiable her friend Otto is, Hades declares that the only suitable mate for Otto "would have to be tall, with a mind devoted to the darker arts of the flesh and a steely pneumatic pelvis." It's an unbelievable, utterly absurd description of a woman who could not possibly exist.

Naturally, she shows up in the very next panel. 

2. The Flash uses his head, not his speed, to win the day

Panel from 'The Flash: Fastest Man Alive' #5 (Simone/Henry/Maiolo/DC Comics)

DC's Digital First 'The Flash: Fastest Man Alive' continues off of Gail Simone and Clayton Henry's 'Giant Sized Flash' comics, which are set in a continuity of their own, and sees The Flash early in his career. The Digital Comics thus see Flash going up against the Reverse-Flash for the very first time. He quickly learns that Eobard Thawne may, in fact, be much faster than Barry Allen, but the Flash's speed isn't the only trick up his bright scarlet sleeve. The Reverse-Flash is blinded by his arrogance and while Flash may not be able to outrun him, he can certainly outwit him. Through the issue, it's the Flash's mind, not his speed, that is ultimately Reverse-Flash's undoing, proving that Flash is defined by more than just his speed.

1. Mary Marvel vs Wonder Woman

Panel from 'DCeased: Unkillables' #3 (Mostert/Scott/Edwards/Lokus/DC Comics)

Tom Taylor has proven to be an expert at putting DC heroes in unfamiliar settings and giving them impactful, stand-out moments. It's thus no surprise to see two 'DCeased' moments make the list this week. 'DCeased: Unkillables' #3 saw the return of Mary Marvel, who had been in hiding among a group of children in her civilian identity. However, when a zombified Wonder Woman attacks their bus, Mary knows she can't hide any longer. She transforms and goes head to head with Wonder Woman herself. Though she's not at her best in her zombied state of mind, Wonder Woman is still a formidable foe and would have been able to beat Mary Marvel easily if Mary hadn't spent weeks training with Lady Shiva. Mary uses her new martial arts skills to take out Wonder Woman in a truly powerful moment of her fighting back against the devastating work of the Anti-Life Equation.

What were your favorite moments of the week? Let us know in the comments. 

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