'Too Hot To Handle' Season 3: Lana eliminates Nathan despite faithfulness to Holly

'Too Hot To Handle' Season 3: Lana eliminates Nathan despite faithfulness to Holly
Nathan Soan on 'Too Hot To Handle' (Netflix)

For the contestants of 'Too Hot To Handle', things certainly seem to be heating up and not in a good way. With the prize money diminishing with every rule break, these contestants are walking on eggs shells. However, Episode 7 proves that some of them might be at their limit already.

While the addition of Brianna, Gerri and Jackson caused Olga and Stevan to split, it seems as though Jackson only has eyes for Izzy while Gerri wants Georgia. Brianna didn't have much luck with Nathan but is undoubtedly cosy with Obi. However, peace on the Island is short-lived, as Episode 8 brings quite the unexpected twist.


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After the ladies had a bonding session through a guided 'yoni puja' workshop, they participated in a goddess party. The men were invited, and everyone seemed to be having an all-round good time. That was until Lana malfunctioned, causing the software to go offline.

This led to confusion seeing that everyone was unsure if this was a dark period and if they would be penalised for their actions. The entire house was divided, with Team Horny, consisting of Nathan, Harry, Izzy, and Gerrie, stating that they should get intimate while Team Heavenly -- Holly, Beaux, Jackson and Georgia were convinced that this was a test. With each of the partners tempting each other, it became a resistance test. However, not everyone passed with flying colours. The next day, Patrick announced his decision to leave the Island. He explained that he had grown a lot throughout the show, but now it was time for him to move on.


Everyone was distraught, as Patrick was the most level headed one of the lot, and they looked up to him as a leader. As if that was not enough of a shock, Lana revealed that her offline status was all a ploy and that she was watching them the whole time to see who would flatter. Izzy and Jackson shared a kiss which cost the group $6,000. Harry gave in to self-gratification which cost the group an additional $4,000, bringing the total down from $46,000 to $36,000.

However, the biggest misdemeanour came from Holly and Nathan, who had several rule breaks, pushing the grand total to $0, which meant there was no prize money left to win. Lana assured the group that there would be plenty of chances to recover the money. However, one person would be eliminated as she had seen no personal growth from then. Lana declared that Nathan would be leaving the Island, seeing that time and again, he broke the rules and was the reason behind Holly doing the same. 

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