'Too Hot To Handle': All you need to know about the sexy cast of the new reality dating show

'Too Hot To Handle': All you need to know about the sexy cast of the new reality dating show
Francesca, Haley, Rhonda, Nicole, Chloe (Netflix)

Netflix's new dating show 'Too Hot To Handle' is about to take everyone by storm. You might want to know that this is not like the other dating series, and it comes with a naughty twist, that even the contestants who entered the island didn't expect.

Shortly after 'Love is Blind' graced our screens, Netflix is now coming out with a new dating show. It is more or less a sexual experiment that includes ten of the hottest, horniest and commitment-phobic singles. The ten singletons assume they are brought to the tropical island for an exotic and erotic summer. Little did they know they will be entering a no bone zone, where they cannot kiss, no heavy petting, no sex of any kind, and no self-gratification either.


'Too Hot To Handle' (Ana Cristina Blumenkron/Netflix)

So before you prepare yourself to binge-watch the series and bring in the weekend, here's a look at the contestants who you will meet. 


Chloe Veitch

Chloe Veitch is a 21-year-old model who hails from Essex, London. In her introduction, she affirms that she isn't the brightest and surfing through dating apps is like her part-time job.

Chloe (Aline Arruda/Netflix)

Sharron Townsend

Sharron Townsend is a fitness model hailing from New Jersey. In his introduction, he describes himself as a feminist. He loves to play the field, and can never have too many options. "That's why sports teams have players on the bench," he claimed. He compares his penis to an air freshener can.

Haley Cureton

Haley Cureton is an influencer hailing from Florida. She shared that she was in a sorority in college and has been to a lot of frat parties. She revealed that she was bisexual and had an interest in women who looked like her, blonde hair, skinny and big boobs.


David Birtwistle

David Birtwistle is a fitness coach and Nike training ambassador who hails from London. In his introduction, he describes himself as "a nice guy. Something my mum would be happy about at the end of the day." He loves a sex party, and he has no line or strategy, he just walks into a bar and takes his shirt off. 

Harry Jowsey

Harry Jowsey is an Australian. He has his brand 'Naught Possums' that sells sweatshirts that reads, 'Boyfriend Dick'. In his introduction, he reveals he has DMed almost every celebrity. He has slid in DMs to Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner as well but got no response from any. "With any other girl, it's an instant response. I'm quite cheeky,"  he added.


Harry and Francesca (Netflix)

Francesca Farago

Francesca Farago hails from British Columbia, Canada. She is a vegan who during her introduction revealed she has over 310,000 follower and it increases every day. She shares that her personality is her best asset, but people's eyes go down to her boobs. She reveals all she has to do is flip her hair a little, have eye contact, and it's game over. 


Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith hails from Colorado, USA, and he describes himself as a deep thinker. In his introduction, he revealed, "monogamy is something I sometimes question". He has thought about spreading his seed, "rolling the genetic dice" with different women and races from around the world. He revealed, "sexually, I'm a lot to handle." 

Nicole O'Brien

Nicole O'Brien is a beauty with brawn who hails from Ireland. In her introduction, she revealed, "I'm a big party girl, it's probably the Irish in me." Continuing she added, "I was in an all-girls school run by nuns, where everyone knows your business. Now I can get with everyone, and no one knows."


Nicole (Netflix)

Rhonda Paul

Rhonda Paul hails from Georgia, USA. In her introduction, she revealed she has a 10/10 nice butt. She also shared that a woman should carry herself with confidence, stand tall, and strive to be better. She is looking for a guy who has a lot of tattoos and is goofy.


Sharron, Rhonda (Aline Arruda/Netflix)

Kelz Dyke

Kelz Dyke hails from London and is a football player for the London Warriors who also worked as a personal trainer. He describes himself as the king of the jungle. 'Lion King' is his favorite movie. He has played Fifa more than he has slept with girls which is less than 1000.


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