'Too Hot To Handle': Netflix drops 'Extra Hot: Reunion' episode and disappointed fans feel 'it was boring'

'Too Hot To Handle': Netflix drops 'Extra Hot: Reunion' episode and disappointed fans feel 'it was boring'
Rhonda Paul and Sharron Townsend (Netflix)

'Too Hot To Handle' released its reunion episode on Netflix recently and fans of the show are clearly disappointed that it was not up to their expectations. 

Netflix's wildest reality TV series recently premiered and left viewers in the clutches of heatwaves. The series revolved around a bunch of the world's hottest singles on an island in Mexico for the summer vacation of their lives.

But it came with a twist — these hot sex-addicted singles weren't allowed to have sex, make out, kiss or even self gratify themselves for the entire duration of their stay. If they broke any of the rules, money was deducted from their prize of $100,000.

After dropping the entire season in April, the series recently released its reunion episode titled 'Extra Hot: Reunion'. Hosted by narrator Desiree Burch, she caught up with the contestants for a virtual reunion. 

The reunion included updates on their life, who they are dating and also a virtual engagement between Harry and Francesca. Harry proposed to her with a ring-pop over the Zoom call. Apart from that, we witnessed some healthy banter and a few spicy games that caught the attention of everyone. 

Watching the reunion on Netflix, fans on Reddit, however, felt disappointed. "It was pretty disappointing tbh. I really wanted a group zoom chat where they could air each other out??? Not individual interviews!!" a fan said.

"It was boring. They didn't even mention David and Lydia. It kind of dragged on and felt rushed all at once," a fan wrote while another fan shared, "Same! Like we know how their life is going from social media, I wanted to see them interact and see how their dynamics have changed." 

Francesca and Harry (Ana Cristina Blumenkron/Netflix)

"It was just not well-distributed at all. I know "the couple that is still together!" needs some airtime, but what about Lydia and David? We didn't even touch on what kind of terms they were on. AND MY POOR GIRL NICOLE GOT SLEPT ON AGAIN," a fan wrote.

Another fan added, "I know, can't believe they spent a segment on Kelz but not Nicole or David?!? Also, I thought Bryce and Nicole hooked up, so why didn’t they ask about that? They clearly called her so wth." 

"Disappointing... this content did not add much to the show except for more insights on Sharronda. Why did we need an update on Haley when she pretty much did not grow at all from the show? I'd definitely would like to see more of David and Nicole!" a fan added. 

"Not as exciting as I thought it would be but the puja for the guys was funny what the ring pop was that?" a fan wrote. What do you think of the reunion? Let us know in the comments below.

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