Tonya Harding's heartbreaking performance on 'Dancing with the Stars' earns her a spot in the final

The disgraced ice-skater's tribute to her father through her performance was emotional and earned her a place in the final

                            Tonya Harding's heartbreaking performance on 'Dancing with the Stars' earns her a spot in the final
Tonya Harding (Source:Getty Images)

When it came to predicting who would make the finals in the reality TV show 'Dancing with the Stars', no one would have guessed that Tonya Harding would have made the finals. Tonya performed the Rumba for her spot in the finals. For the longest time, people assumed that she would be eliminated much earlier on and would not make the finals.

The six semi-finalists on the show all performed their routines to the best of their ability and in honor of the MVPs in their lives. Tonya picked her late father who passed away nine years ago.

As reported by Gold Derby, she said, "When I lost my dad I lost my very best friend … When I was young my dad had to leave, but he never abandoned me… He was always there for me."

"When everybody in the world was against me my dad was still in my corner no matter what," she continued. Towards the end of her routine, Tonya was on the verge of tears. "I brought [my father] onto the dance floor to show everybody what real love is," she said before she received critique from the judges who gave her three 8s and a 9 from guest judge David Ross. 

Tonya told Fox News, "My dad's really happy, I know because he was out there on the floor with us [in spirit]. He's squeezing my hands and saying, 'It's okay. Take a deep breath and just go with it.' I really wanted to honor my father with that dance."

Judge Carrie Ann Inaba said, "There’s no better way to pay tribute to someone you love than to dance with your heart like that. You danced with your heart open.

There’s an authenticity to the way you dance that makes it have a gravitas that I love to watch. I think your dad is not alone when you say he was in your corner. I think we’re all in your corner now."

"People don’t know how hard it is to watch that kind of package and then get out here and do what you just did. That was very inspiring, very emotional. I’m very proud of you. That was awesome," said Guest judge David Ross.

Judge Len Goodman said, 'I liked the light and shade. It wasn’t at one level. There was speed, then it stopped and went a little bit softer, and then into the dance again. You could have done with a bit more hip action. But the whole package was full of emotion and full of lovely dancing. Well done."

"Very nice flow, great musicality. Your lines are getting better. And you’re starting to keep your shoulders down — still a little bit tensing at times, but so much better. Your underarm turns have improved. Good balance of motion and emotion. Well done," said judge Bruno Tonioli. 

As reported by Fox News, Tonya whose partner is Sasha Farber admitted that she was pleasantly surprised at making it to the final round. "I thought they were going to tell us, 'You're going home,' and I was going, 'Oh, God, please.' I literally was praying. And then I was like, 'What, what'd you say?' And he's jumping up and down and I'm going, 'Oh, my God, we made it," she said. 

"[I'm] feeling like America has opened their arms to me and understands me better now and so, I'm just another person. I've been knocked down and now I've been picked back up and because of America voting for us, we made it to the finals," she continued. 

Many fans and followers took to Twitter to express what they thought about Tonya making it to the finals. There were a lot of mixed emotions about her spot in the finale.