Tonya Harding shares that making it to finals of Dancing with the Stars is a big win in itself for her

Controversial figure skating champion shares that being part of the finals of Dancing with the Stars is a big victory in itself.

                            Tonya Harding shares that making it to finals of Dancing with the Stars is a big win in itself for her
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Dancing with the Stars: Athletes has been quite the break for the former figure skater who worked very hard to make a comeback from her participation in a 1994 attack on her fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan. 

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For Tonya Harding, the show 'Dancing with the Stars' has been nothing but redemption and showing the world a side of herself that most people don't know or haven't seen. Tonya Harding has been able to push past her competition and has earned herself a place in the DWTS finals. 

She will be going head to head against NFL star Josh Norman and Olympian Adam Rippon. The 47-year-old revealed that reaching the finals has been a victory in itself.

As reported by ET, "I had no idea that I had it in me to get this far. It's because of America. Standing up, standing for us, standing for me it's truly an amazing journey and I just thank everybody who is voting for us." Harding has been working very hard over the last couple of weeks with her partner Sasha Farber. 

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The pair has a combined score of 95 out of a possible 110. Their combined score is around eight points lower than figure skater Mirai Nagasu and her partner Alan Bersten, but it was Tonya Harding and Farber who moved on in the competition while Nagasu was eliminated. 

Sasha Farber explains why he thinks that fans have supported her all the way to finals. He said, "I think that the possibilities are endless for Tonya, she's proven herself so many times. And it's so nice to have America in her corner… she's a new ray of sunshine and she's a bright energy and I'm excited for what's to come." 

Tonya's participation on DWTS shows America who she really is and has given her the chance to "walk tall". "I can hold my head up high. I don't have [feel] like someone's gonna come around the corner and say something to me that's negative. I know there will always be those people, but that's OK," Harding said. 

Harding promised, " I'm bringing everything I got."

Tonya spoke to ET to share that she is ready to let go of her underdog after she made the finalists. "I truly love America. I love Americans. I mean we all want to see the underdog come up and do great. I think that America really sees me as the true person and, you know, a person who has a heart, a person who has a soul, and maybe, you know, who's been through enough and is giving me another chance and I just want to thank you so much."

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Sasha Farber added, "Dreams do come true. Keep pushing and its gonna be reality. And win or lose it doesn't matter. The journey to get here has been truly amazing." 

Tonya has been through a rough patch and hopes to show the world that she is different than who they thought she was. "This is truly amazing. This is like being treated with respect that I didn't get when I went to the Olympics. Everyone thinking that I was horrible and now everyone realizing that I'm just a normal person and that I go through a lot of things that other people have to go through. And people can relate to that. Don't give up. Go for your dreams. Go for everything," Harding continued.