DWTS Athletes: Tonya Harding beaks down in tears, but fans aren't buying the emotion

On the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars Athletes, the disgraced US figure skater was seen having an emotional breakdown

                            DWTS Athletes: Tonya Harding beaks down in tears, but fans aren't buying the emotion
Tonya Harding (Source: Getty Images)

Dancing with the Stars returned on Monday with its first-ever all-athlete season featuring Olympians such as Mirai Nagasu, Jamie Anderson, Adam Rippon, and Tonya Harding. The premiere of the show can be nerve-wracking for most people and Tonya was no exception to this.

On the last episode of Dancing with the Stars, Tonya brought out some heavy emotions and was seen crying. In a clip showing her rehearsal footage, Tonya was seen saying, "You have people looking at you like you're nothing, you start to believe that you are nothing. I just wanted to do what I was good at."

In one particularly emotional moment, she tearfully said, "I want people to see that I deserve to be here ... I don't want to fail again."

Tonya and her partner Sasha Farber danced the foxtrot to 'When You Believe' by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Tonya and Farber were amongst the couples who were facing a possible elimination but at the end, the audience voted to save Tonya and send the other two couples home in what became a double elimination. 

When the results were announced, Tonya immediately broke down and hugged Farber. Many fans did not believe this soft and emotional side of the disgraced US figure skater. They were determined not to forget the infamous 1994 Nancy Kerrigan incident in which Tonya was accused of conspiring to injure her competitor. 

Fans took to Twitter to express their opinions and true feelings towards Tonya's emotional breakdown.

One fan commented, "I'm ready for us to stop giving Tonya Harding attention again, thanks. She has shown absolutely no remorse, and every word out of her mouth has been about how her figure skating career was "taken away" from her."

Another fan wrote, "I refuse to accept any version of a Tonya Harding Redemption Tour until she finally apologizes to Nancy Kerrigan and takes responsibility for the part she played. Continuing to act like a victim w/out acknowledging her own involvement in the crime is a big no-no."