Toni Braxton found Dennis Rodman ‘kinda hot’ back in the '90s but that doesn't mean she dated him

Among the string of women Dennis Rodman dated, Toni Braxton was also named and a couple of photos of them were posted on the internet

                            Toni Braxton found Dennis Rodman ‘kinda hot’ back in the '90s but that doesn't mean she dated him
Toni Braxton and Dennis Rodman (Getty Images)

Retired professional basketball player, Dennis Rodman has managed to set tongues wagging after his affairs with a number of gorgeous ladies, including his nine-day ex-wife Carmen Electra, pop star Madonna and actress Viveca A Fox. 

Among the string of women, singer Toni Braxton was also named and a couple of photos of her and Rodman were posted on the internet. A viral tweet that had all the pictures of Rodman's lady loves was captioned: "The man. Dennis Rodman w/ Madonna, Toni Braxton, Carmen Electra, and Vivica Fox #TheLastDance." Not one to zip her lips, Braxton was quick to share it on Twitter along with a clarification. 

She did so after a number of people on social media posted how she looked "scared" in the pictures. "Toni looks terrified," one fan wrote and another said, "I thought the same thing. Somehow she looks terrified and like Ariana Grande at the same time in that picture." Another one said, "Toni looks very adorable and sexy yet somehow terrified." One even went on to say, "Toni was not scared!! She was freaked out with him, just being daddy’s good girl."

Quashing all rumors, Toni posted a couple of pictures from the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards and wrote, "Even though @dennisrodman was kinda hot in the 90s, I never dated Dennis Rodman. We were at the VMAs. #TheLastDance."

Toni Braxton and Dennis Rodman (Getty Images)

Moreover, when one wrote to her, "You look terrified in that pic on the left. 'Blink twice if you need help Toni' LMAO," she replied, "No no! He was cool! We presented somebody!" The fan replied, "OK sis. I was just looking out! LOL." Lo and behold! No sooner did she do that, she shut everyone up. "Period and that’s how you clear the gossiping girls!!!" one fan wrote and another said, "Sis you don’t need to explain yourself to nobody."

The 'Un-Break My Heart' singer's confession was enough to silence all the rumors that had found a way back after this week's episodes of ESPN’s documentary about Michael Jordan‘s time with the Chicago Bulls, 'The Last Dance' highlighted how Dennis was a playboy, shed light on his past romances with famous women and how Jordan barged into his hotel room while Electra hid behind the bed. 

Fans are shell-shocked and can't stop talking about it. "Wow. How many women wasted some of their prime years with Dennis Rodman," one said and another posted, "That's crazy. You know that those 4 ladies are on someone's Mount Rushmore. But that's Dennis Rodman's off-season." Another one posted, "I get it he was a cool dude but I’ll forever be shocked he had my girl Toni THEE LIVING LEGEND Braxton!!!"

Birdman and Toni Braxton (Getty Images)

One fan said, "People are acting like Dennis Rodman wasn’t fine….? Like. Yeah he bagged Toni. But also….Toni bagged him." Another wrote, “I feel like Toni Braxton wrote "He Wasn't Man Enough For Me" once she saw Rodman in that wedding dress."

While Toni seems to have set the record straight, one question buzzing in all minds is: why didn't she date him? The seven-time Grammy winner was romantically involved with musician Keri Lewis and got married to him on April 21, 2001. The couple gave birth to two children, two sons named Denim Cole Braxton-Lewis and Diezel Ky Braxton-Lewis. However, the pair decided to part ways in November 2009 and later divorced in July 2013.

In May 2016, she started dating rapper Birdman, 51. The two are engaged now and she is planning on settling down soon. On April 9, she said at the Rick and Sasha morning radio show interview, "We have been going back and forth on wedding dates. We had a great date but then it was getting too big, we didn’t want a big wedding. Then we said, ‘OK, we don’t want it too small.’"

'The Last Dance' airs 9 pm ET on ESPN. Episodes 3 and 4 are available for streaming on Netflix. 

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