Tommy Robinson defends 'bully' who 'waterboarded' Syrian schoolboy; says he is being targeted by 'left-wing fascists' because he is 'white'

Robinson said the teen had simply 'stood up' to the Syrian refugee after he was involved in the gang beating of a young girl

                            Tommy Robinson defends 'bully' who 'waterboarded' Syrian schoolboy; says he is being targeted by 'left-wing fascists' because he is 'white'

English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson offered his two cents about a Syrian schoolboy being bullied by a schoolmate and defended the perpetrator, according to The Sun.

According to him, the British teen was being blamed by "left-wing fascists" simply because he was "white", and said that the English teen simply "stood up" to the Syrian boy and had not "waterboarded" him which was an exaggeration, like most media outlets have claimed. He also said the victim was involved in the gang beating of a young girl who had to be home-schooled out of fear.

Robinson fumed over the selective sympathy shown by various outlets towards the refugee and his family in a number of videos shared on a fan's Twitter account. According to him, there was no outrage after cases of Muslim students ganging up on British students in various schools.


Robinson said: "Why is this [Syrian] kid being portrayed as the ultimate victim in this whole entire country? This [English] kid has stood up for himself on his lunch break. If you've seen that story, that young boy has been driven from his home, he's been targeted by the whole entire left wing fascist [members] of this country. Tracked down, found his address, posted online threats to murder him, home under constant attack because he stood up to a Syrian refugee. That young kid — how bad."

The disturbing footage of the Syrian teen being assaulted made waves on social media and outraged several observers online.

The 15-year-old victim with his arm in a cast is seen in the viral clip being hurled to the floor by his neck on a school playing field as his attacker says "I'll drown you". He then pours some water on his face as those gathered around watch and cheer.


The alleged bully was sent a barrage of death threats after the footage was shared online and had to go into hiding. A vigilante gang ambushed his home in Huddersfield and hurled abuses at the family in the dead of night, forcing the family to move out of their residence escorted by law enforcement.

Robinson voiced concerns for the teen saying that he was being treated unfairly because he was white and English. He added: "Because he stood up to a Syrian boy, the whole of England attacks him. Everyone comes out in full attack for him and now he's in hiding. He grabbed someone by the throat and poured a little bit of water on him. It's not waterboarding. It's because he's Syrian, because he's a refugee and because the kid is white and English — that's why this has been blown up."

However, ignoring Robinson's calls, quite a few people around the country are fervently supporting the Syrian schoolboy and his family, raising more than £135,000 through a GoFundMe page within 48 hours.


According to reports, the refugee family had left their home in Homs, Syria, back in 2010 after Bashir Assad's regime allegedly tortured and murdered their relatives. The United Nations offered the family a safe passage to the UK after they fled to Lebanon.

The 'bullying' incident is said to have taken place on playing fields at Almondbury Community School in Huddersfield on October 25.

In a conversation with BBC Five Live, the boy's father said they no longer feel safe in the country. "In the beginning, I thought we are coming for sanctuary and safety but when I saw what happened to my children I don't know what to say," he said.

The 16-year-old boy is now set to be charged with assault over the alleged "waterboarding" incident, West Yorkshire Police confirmed yesterday. "A 16-year-old youth has been interviewed and reported for summons, for an offense of assault. He will appear at Youth Court in due course," a spokesman revealed.

Kirklees Council has also stated: "Neither us nor the school condone violence in any form and behavior like this will not be tolerated."