Tommy Hilfiger extends an invitation to Kate Upton to model for him while she's expecting her first child

It has been two days since the model revealed she is pregnant and it looks like with this offer from Tommy Hilfiger, she need not worry about modeling while expecting a baby.

                            Tommy Hilfiger extends an invitation to Kate Upton to model for him while she's expecting her first child
Tommy Hilfiger (Source:Getty Images)

Whatever Tommy Hilfiger wants, Tommy Hilfiger gets. The prolific fashion designer refuses to put Kate Upton in the corner while she is busy being a vessel for another human being. The model is reportedly expecting her first child with her baseball pitcher husband Justin Verlander.

Sources close to TMZ have revealed that the designer extended an open invitation to Kate asking her to consider modeling for him while she’s pregnant and looks like the model is thrilled at the prospect of showcasing her baby bump in Hilfiger's shows if the reports are anything to go by.

The model on Saturday, revealed the pregnancy news by posting on Instagram a photo of herself standing on a balcony of a room at the W South Beach hotel and sporting a baby bump while wearing a red and white pantsuit. She may have hinted at her pregnancy back in April, when she posted on Instagram a shadowy photo of herself posing in the desert on a trip to Israel, writing, "You'll find out soon enough."

Hilfiger has become quite the proponent for plus size models. On the subject, Hilfiger said, ”Our business is all about inclusiveness and diversity, and not just about 90 pound models." Considering the fashion industry’s aversion towards anything that slightly veers towards healthy, Hilfiger's overture has his likeability factor moving in an upward trajectory. In a world that covertly expects pregnant model mums to stay in confinement like they belong in some trashy Victorian novel, this move is highly surprising.

Kate will definitely not have to worry about turning rusty while she’s pregnant and looking back at the close bond that the two share - last November, she honored Hilfiger on HBO's "Night of Too Many Stars” for his work with the autistic kids - expect to see the model in all her pregnant glory on the runway very soon.