Tommy Emmanuel drops first single 'Fuel' from upcoming double album along with latest tour details

Tommy Emmanuel drops first single 'Fuel' from upcoming double album along with latest tour details
Tommy Emmanuel (Getty Images)

Renowned Australian guitarist, singer-songwriter and one-man-band, Tommy Emmanuel, recently revealed that he is coming out with his latest project.

The acclaimed Grammy-nominated artiste will release a newly recorded career-spanning double album on May 8, called 'The Best of Tommysongs' via CGP Sounds/Cruzen Street Records.

To celebrate the release of his upcoming album, Emmanuel has shared the album's cinematic first single, 'Fuel', with us which was made available on Friday, March 6.


Speaking about the inspiration for Fuel, Tommy said, "I boarded a train in Paris, France, to ride the rails to Cologne, Germany. Looking out the window, I saw a billboard for Harry Potter World, that set me in motion. I got my guitar out and started looking for cinematic chords and ideas."

"Three hours later, I had the entire song written and was practicing it up. I had no title at that stage and when I played it for a friend, he asked, 'What's fueling this emotion?' Immediately I reacted, 'You just gave me the title, 'Fuel'!"

"Even though there are time changes and odd bars in the song, you can actually tap time straight through it. In my own way, this is a small attempt at paying homage to Mason Williams, the brilliant composer of 'Classical Gas'," he added.

Tommy Emmanuel (courtesy of artiste)

'The Best of Tommysongs' is a double album that features some of Tommy Emmanuel's best songs and even some never-heard-before tracks. Emmanuel solely wrote, produced, and recorded all the material on this record.

Tommy has been playing some of these songs for over 30 years to crowds all over the world, and they have evolved over time, like the great artiste himself. Even though some of these songs were old favorites, Tommy said he wanted to re-record them in modern arrangements and thus make them sound bigger than ever.

This album will feature some of his well-known works such as 'Angelina', 'Lewis & Clark' and 'It's Never Too Late', along with fan favorites like 'Mombasa' and 'Train to Dusseldorf'.

It also features five brand-new songs including the heart-thumping 'Fuel' and the beautifully melodic 'Song For A Rainy Morning'. Watch the album trailer below which focuses on Tommy's unique ability to tell stories without words: 


Here is a complete tracklisting for the album below: (the asterisk symbol denotes previously unreleased songs)

'Song for A Rainy Morning'*
'Halfway Home'
'The Wide Ocean'*
'It's Never Too Late'
'(The Man With The) Green Thumb'
'The Mystery'
'Timberlake Road'
'Sail On'*
'Blood Brother'
'Endless Road'
'Ruby's Eyes'
'Lewis & Clark'
'Train to Dusseldorf'
'Cowboy's Dream'
'Rachel's Lullaby'
'Those Who Wait'
'Stay Close To Me'

Artwork for 'The Best of Tommysongs' (courtesy of artiste)

Tommy Emmanuel has also revealed plans for a North American tour, so if he's appearing at a city near you, make sure you catch this amazing artiste in action.

Here's a link to the complete tour dates that Emmanuel will be playing over the spring and summer, so if you do get a chance to see him, you can consider yourself lucky as he is one of the finest and most accomplished acoustic guitarists in the music business.

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