#TomHollandIsOverParty trends for no reason, furious fans wonder how can anyone cancel 'this ray of sunshine'

#TomHollandIsOverParty trends for no reason, furious fans wonder how can anyone cancel 'this ray of sunshine'
Tom Holland (Getty Images)

The world is in lockdown as the relentless coronavirus pandemic continues to spread its pall of deathly gloom. There isn't much to do and that probably explains why people decide to use social media for strange purposes, including cancelling people every week. This week, the lucky winner was none other than Spider-Man himself. #TomHollandIsOver started trending on Twitter, leaving many fans perplexed. Of course, there wasn't any reason for the cancellation of the star and fans were mighty irritated about this. Tweets like, "leave the boy alone" and "he hasn't done anything wrong" began to flood social media.

One person wrote that people should just have 'fun' with the hashtag. "#tomhollandisoverparty stop crying and have fun with the hashtag y’all are so fucking sensitive," the person wrote.

"#tomhollandisoverparty literally every week someone else is cancelled smh who is it gonna be next week," wrote another fan. Sharing clips of Holland, one fan wrote, "How would y’all try to cancel this ray of sunshine #tomhollandisoverparty?"

Holland has always won hearts with his candour and innocence. In fact, when it was declared that Spider-Man would be plucked out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and sent to Sony, Holland worked hard to patch the differences between Disney and Sony. This is probably just one of the reasons why fans adore him so much. "He's unproblematic AF," one wrote.

Another fan was furious with the hashtag and said that people are just clowns for doing so. "Y’all are f****n clowns for trending this and obviously have nothing to do with your boring lives," wrote the fan.

"Anyway stan the most unproblematic guy ever, literally an angel #tomhollandisoverparty," wrote another fan. "Leave my little British baby alone damn y'all rude my poor baby," an upset fan tweeted.

Another fan wrote that the only reason the hashtag was trending because people wanted to promote their fancams. "Are y’all really trending #tomhollandisoverparty just to promote your fancams... pathetic," a fan tweeted.

Other fans used the hashtag to profess their admiration for him. "#tomhollandisoverparty was made by bored film twitter stans, he didn't do anything wrong!! while you’re here though you should stan tom holland."

Meanwhile, due to the pandemic, plans on Holland's 'Spider-Man 3' remain stalled. The film was meant to go on floors this Jul, but it now might have to be pushed back.

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