Tom Cruise 'not allowed' to meet daughter Suri as per Scientology dictum, church rubbishes report as 'fiction'

Tom Cruise last met his daughter Suri in 2013 after he had separated from the child's mother and actress, Katie Holmes, the previous year.

                            Tom Cruise 'not allowed' to meet daughter Suri as per Scientology dictum, church rubbishes report as 'fiction'

Hollywood legend Tom Cruise is allegedly not allowed to see his own daughter Suri, 13, whom he shares with former wife Katie Holmes. A source told Us Weekly that Cruise is not allowed a relationship with his daughter because he is practically the face of the Church of Scientology and has a strong affiliation with the ministry. The last time he saw Suri was in 2013, just a year after the pair divorced in 2012, Popculture reports.

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri leave a restaurant in central Rome after a dinner on November 17, 2006, in Rome, Italy. (Getty Images)

"Maybe he did it for a photo op," Samantha Domingo, a former Scientologist, said of the sighting. "To make it seem like he was connected so he wouldn't be criticized." According to Domingo, who authored 'Je Suis a Cult Whistleblower: Scientology Kills', Cruise is "not allowed" to have any contact with Suri because she's not a Scientologist.


But a spokesperson for the controversial church denied the allegations, calling it "fiction." "Everything about your inquiry misrepresents the Church of Scientology, its practices, and the lifestyle of its ministry," the spokesperson told Domingo.

During her conversation with Us Weekly, Domingo said those who participated in the church are technically allowed to see "their child if they wanted to." However, she claimed Cruise himself chose not to see his teenage daughter but also said there is "more to the situation." 

She went on to claim that Scientologists believe in reincarnation and that for them "Suri's not really his daughter — she's just a spiritual being in his daughter's body."

Having said that, Cruise does share a close bond with his two other children with former wife and actress Nicole Kidman, namely Isabella, 26, and Connor, 24, allegedly because both are Scientologists themselves. 

Actors Nicole Kidman and om Cruise arrive at Sydney Kingsford Smith airport and introduce their children Connor and Isabella to the media on January 24, 1996, in Sydney, Australia. (Getty Images)

Cruise was introduced to Scientology by his first wife Mimi Rogers. After his divorce from Rogers in 1990, he married Nicole Kidman but maintained his affiliation with the church. The Scientology faith was started by Ron Hubbard in the US in 1952 and it reportedly believes in the existence of an immortal spirit 'which improves in Earth' through certain methods. 

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