TLC's new show 'Hot and Heavy' slammed for 'celebrating morbid obesity'

TLC's new show 'Hot and Heavy' slammed for 'celebrating morbid obesity'
TLC's show 'Hot and Heavy' is being slammed for advocating obesity (TLC)

TLC is known for its one of a kind reality shows and adding to this long list it is bringing out 'Hot and Heavy' that is set to release on January 7. The show states, "for these couples, love has no size". The show showcases these unconventional couples and their daily lives. With this show, TLC hopes to educate people on how some men like plus-size women and it is not due to some fetish. 

The show follows three couples as they stand up to the judgments of the world around them while facing their issues as a couple. The couples even have to face criticism from friends and family which makes it harder for their relationship to survive. The couples include Joy and Chris who have been dating for three years. 

Kristin and Rusty, on the other hand, have been married for two years and are looking forward to have a child but things are not going their way. Lastly, Adrianna and her boyfriend Ricardo, who have been dating for two years. While the couples are excited to be open and honest about their relationship on the show, people have not been too eager to watch it. 


Many took to Instagram to slam the show as they believe the show might be encouraging the idea that it is alright to be obese. "I get that obese people to need love too but celebrating morbid obesity is just wrong, it's not something to aspire to Definitely avoiding this show," wrote one user. 

Another added, "Loving someone for who they are is wonderful and amazing, and we should all do it Enabling something life-threatening is another story. These women have real medical issues and need to try and lose weight, not be skinny, but lose weight." However, some people defended the show. 

One wrote, "The fact loving fat people is a topic in today's society, why does it have to be a fetish, or anything else besides genuine love. granted there are men with this fetish, but not all men you can’t control who people love." Another added, "Size should never matter when it comes to love. We all deserve love regardless of our size. Kudos to these men!"


'Hot and Heavy' airs on January 7 at 10 pm on TLC. 

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