'My 600-lb Life': Leneatha halts weight loss journey owing to daughter's health, fans say she's making excuses

'My 600-lb Life': Leneatha halts weight loss journey owing to daughter's health, fans say she's making excuses
Leneatha Reed (TLC)

Leneatha feels she is a “bad mother” to her daughter as her weight limits her from giving her a life that she deserves. After realizing how she has completely given in to her addiction to food, especially sweets, Leneatha approaches Dr Nowzaradan to help her with her weight loss. 

As the big day approaches, she says she’s nervous as Dr Nowzaradan is her only hope and can put her life back on track. However, on reaching the hospital and stepping on the scale, she is further disappointed to learn that her weight hasn’t decreased at all. 

When Dr Nowzaradan meets her, he tells her the weight loss surgery alone would not serve as a solution to her eating disorder. The effect of the surgery will fade away in less than five years. He says she needs to make an effort from her end by controlling her desires. 

He agrees to help her only if she changes her eating habits and loses some weight. He asks her to lose 60 pounds in two months in order to go ahead with the surgery. However, Leneatha feels achieving the target weight in two months is going to be a challenge, given that she needs to take care of her daughter and run the family. 

But despite following what Dr Nowzaradan asked her to do, she fails to lose weight and defends herself when he questions her about her unchanged eating habits. The doctor tells her she needs to choose between staying alive and her food addiction. He gives her another chance and a few more months to lose weight. 

However, even with the intense workout and a strict diet, Leanatha only manages to lose 29 pounds over five months. 

Dr Nowzaradan decides to run Leneatha through a few tests when she begins to justify her eating habits after failing to lose the weight she was asked to. She is unhappy about the fact that people don't realize that she’s starving herself and not eating enough. 

But things go from bad to worse in the next few months as her daughter gets sicker and Leneatha decides to put her weight loss journey aside for a while as she has a lot on her plate to deal with. 

She says she's struggling as a single parent and cannot focus on her weight under given circumstances. Leneatha puts her daughter as her priority and chooses to pause her life, putting her weight loss program on hold. Dr Nowzaradan feels there’s no magic fox and Leneatha needs to make an effort to solve her problems to turn her situation around.

Meanwhile, upon watching the latest episode of ‘My 600-lb Life’, fans took to Twitter to criticize Leneatha for coming up with excuses instead of following the doctor’s guidelines. 

One fan wrote, “I’m watching My 600 lb. Life and this is the 1st time I see one of the people on the show work. Good for her, but she’s making excuses like all the others. A person gets overweight because they overeat.”

“Leneath"s Story.... she's just exactly like @Ashley T. Another indignant fata**!! They THINK their ability to run their mouth to Dr Now is KOOL. It just makes their uneducated background show. Dr Now HAS to stay professional.. unfortunately (sic)," added another. 


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