‘Unexpected’: Who is Hailey Tomlinson? Season 3 cast member admits she still has sex with cheating ex-boyfriend

Hailey Tomlinson broke up with Matthew Blevins after he cheated on her with her best friend and even had son with her. While earlier she wasn't on talking terms with him, she's now having sex with him

                            ‘Unexpected’: Who is Hailey Tomlinson? Season 3 cast member admits she still has sex with cheating ex-boyfriend
Hailey Tomlinson (Instagram)

Fans first met Hailey Tomlinson on Season 3 of TLC’s ‘Unexpected’ when she and her then-boyfriend, Matthew Blevins, were getting ready to welcome their baby girl. However, even before baby Kinsley was born, Matthew ditched his little family for one of Hailey’s best friends, also named Hailey (Tilford). Tomlinson and Matthew had a messy breakup and went their separate ways, with her even saying she was 'better off' without him.

Those who don’t know about Tomlinson and Tilford’s relationship should understand that these two young ladies used to be best friends. Fans know during Tomlinson’s reign on ‘Unexpected’ (she appeared on the show from season 1-3), Tilford informed Tomlinson that Matthew sent her an inappropriate text.



To put her baby daddy’s fidelity to test Tomlinson decided to text Matthew to which he didn’t respond but when Tilford texted, he answered straight away. Soon after, Matthew left Tomlinson and took off with Tilford, only to come back during the season’s reunion to reveal that Tilford was pregnant.

Hurt, Tomilson decided she was better off without Matthew and concentrated on being the best mom to daughter Kinsley, for whose birth Matthew was not present. Matthew and Tilford split several times and when their baby, Levi was born, Matthew once again failed to be present at the hospital and show his support. In fact, he denied he’s the father of Levi and remained estranged. Tilford told him to seek a court order to establish paternity if he wanted to see their son. We don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon.


Tomlinson, however, extended an olive branch to her old friend and congratulated her for giving birth to a beautiful son on Instagram. The ladies showed great maturity as they seemed to resolve their differences and made plans for a playdate between their children or should we say half brother and sister. 

But their maturity seems to end at that since on the January 10 episode of ‘Unexpected’ Tomlinson revealed she was seeing more of Matthew ever since he showed interest in Kinsley’s life and they also ended up having sex. When the producer from behind the camera asked if it was a one-time thing, Tomlinson confessed they were having sex actively.


Last year, Tomlinson opened up to her fans about her dating situation when an ‘Unexpected’ viewer was curious to find out if she was dating anyone new. Hailey said that she wasn’t dating anyone at the moment. However, Tomlinson shared a picture of herself on Instagram beside a mystery man. She said that the image is of “me & mine.” She also added a heart emoji. Naturally, everyone assumed the man in the picture was her new boyfriend as they were smiling and looked happy. Ever since, she has shared more pictures with the mystery man whose name is Darren.

However, the revelations made in the episode surely will come as a shock to many who were rooting for Tomlinson.



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