'90 Day Fiance': Who is Mike's Uncle Beau Lawrence? Natalie Mordovtseva wants to keep ex-con out of the house

Natalie likes Uncle Beau but still doesn't want to share space in Mike's house as the couple need to spend more time together

                            '90 Day Fiance': Who is Mike's Uncle Beau Lawrence? Natalie Mordovtseva wants to keep ex-con out of the house
Natalie, Uncle Beau (TLC)

Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva's relationship has been dodgy and confusing for them ever since she returned the ring. But now that she is in America and hoping to iron out their differences, Natalie wants her ring back.

They have very little time together as it is. 90 days is never enough to know someone fully but they want to give it a shot and for that to happen they need more time to themselves. Therefore, when Mike insisted that Natalie met his uncle Beau 'Bojangles' Lawrence, she was not too thrilled, but as they interacted, her opinion about him changed. She left the cafe happy and appreciative of Mike that he connected them.

Interestingly, even after such a healthy conversation, Natalie wants to keep Uncle Beau away from their house. While they were polishing off their meals, she apologized to Uncle Beau (he had to vacate his room in Mike's house so that the couple had some privacy), but at the same time made it clear that the couple needed their space to develop an understanding. 

Over the many episodes, Uncle Beau has garnered quite the fan following. The viewers enjoy the nonchalance he brings to the show. But do they know who he really is and what his past looks like? 

Uncle Beau is really Mike's cousin. Mike brought him over to his father's farm and asked Beau if he would like to lend a helping hand, maintain the farm and tend to the animals. As a bonus, Beau got himself a cozy space at Mike's place. 

Beau has a dark history. According to a Screenrant report, he was apparently arrested seven times. The nature of the criminal charges range from possession of liquor in a vehicle, illegal fishing, DUI, drug paraphernalia possession/use and more. In addition to this, he has reportedly been accused of more violent crimes such as 'assault with intent' multiple times. In 2013, he apparently spent 18 months in the Arizona prison following an episode of 'aggravated assault.'   

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