'90 Day Fiance': What's Brandon Gibbs' net worth? Girlfriend Julia Trubkina startled he has no money for them

Brandon and Julia are having a tough time tackling the shocking rules set by his mother Betty

                            '90 Day Fiance': What's Brandon Gibbs' net worth? Girlfriend Julia Trubkina startled he has no money for them
Brandon Gibbs, Julia Trubkina (TLC)

Within a day of meeting in Washington DC, Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs have more problems to be resolved than they were prepared for. Deep down they knew there would be issues but didn't expect them to hit them this early. But the couple's doing the best they can, given how Brandon's parents, Ron and Betty, have handed them a list of shocking rules within hours of Julia arriving in the US.

Julia was not geared up for any of the shockers that came her way and so, instead of creating a scene in front of his folks, she decided to call Brandon out in the hotel room they were sharing briefly. Betty is certain she wants the couple to sleep in different rooms. For her, choosing to shack up is disrespectful. Brandon brings it up another time with Betty but her mind couldn't be changed. Even when he said they would possibly have to move out, she reminded Brandon that he was in no position to do so. 

Over a course of seven months, Brandon spent roughly $10,000 on Julia. They took a vacation in Iceland where he popped the question. Sadly, the lavish splurges have left him with little to no money, which is why he needs to stay with his parents for some time before he can move out, have his own place. 

Julia was surprised to learn that such was the case. She was clear about her stance on the matter, told him that he must keep explaining their situation to Betty until she agrees to change the rules because if she says "no, we leave." Brandon took a few seconds to process all of it and later admitted that they would have to stay with his parents to stabilize his finances, which are in bad shape or at least not good enough to get them their own place. 

But, what's Brandon's net worth? Even though his parents' farm allows him to enjoy a decent lifestyle, his net worth, according to a starsoffline report, is at $100,000 or less. 

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