'Titans' Season 3 Premiere: Did Batman break his one rule? SHOCKING death stuns everyone

The season premire of 'Titans' saw a shocking death and may change everything for Batman

                            'Titans' Season 3 Premiere: Did Batman break his one rule? SHOCKING death stuns everyone
Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne in 'Titans' Season 3 (DC/HBO Max)

Spoilers for 'Titans' Season 3 Premiere

Season 3 of DC’s blockbuster hit show ‘Titans’ has finally hit HBO Max and it’s time for the superheroes to clean the streets of Gotham this time around. However, just like always, it won’t be easy because they will be met with a lot of difficult situations and brutal fights.

The previous edition ended with the titular team defeating Slade Wilson/Deathstroke (Esai Morales) and Cadmus. However, that victory came at a very big cost, as Donna Troy/Wonder Girl (Conor Leslie) was killed and Jason Todd/Robin (Curran Walters) left. The finale saw Blackfire (Damaris Lewis) arriving on earth. The latest season picks up in the aftermath of Season 2’s finale and changes everything due to some really shocking sequences.


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However, the most shocking part of the season’s premiere comes from Batman himself. He seems to have broken the one rule and taken a decision that will change his character on the show forever. For the uninitiated, Bruce Wayne/Batman has killed a major character in the premiere episode and we are beyond shocked.

Iain Glen as Bruce Wayner aka Batman in 'Titans' (DC/HBO Max)


Did Batman kill the Clown Prince of Gotham?

In the final sequence of ‘Titans’ episode 1, Bruce visits Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) in the middle of the night and wakes him up to have a serious discussion while throwing a crowbar on the floor. The Caped Crusader tells Grayson that he “ended” everything by killing the Joker with a crowbar and getting revenge for Jason’s death. He says, “You know what he was doing as I caved in his skull? He was laughing. He laughed at me because he won. You and Barbara were right. It is all a game I should have stopped playing a long time ago. It is over for me now.” Joker's demise is confirmed by the authorities soon after.

During the final moments, Bruce tells Grayson to save Gotham City and become a better Batman. He walks away as Grayson is now given the task to honor Bruce’s legacy.

A still from Season 1 of 'Titans' (DC/HBO Max)


If Batman has truly killed Joker, then his revenge is a stark contrast to the original DC Comics. When Jason dies in ‘Death in the Family’, we do see Bruce getting more and more violent in his ways, but he never kills the Clown. Although, he did get a good beating from the Dark Knight.

There are a lot of reasons to believe that this might not have happened and Batman never really killed the Joker. Viewers never get to see what actually happened and if he actually wanted to kill Joker, he would have done that without making any noises and he definitely would never have told anyone about it. The season premiere has undoubtedly shocked everyone and posed a lot of questions. Nevertheless, DC has not forgotten how to lure viewers. The premiere is violent and absolutely gruesome. We are just a handful number of episodes in and it is already a blood bath.

‘Titans’ returns with a new episode every Thursday on HBO Max.

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