'Titans' Season 3 needs to breathe life into Jason's iconic moments that define his and Batman's history

'Titans' Season 3 needs to breathe life into Jason's iconic moments that define his and Batman's history
Jason Todd, Curran Walters (DC Comics/IMDb)

Jason Todd is a complicated character no matter which medium he appears in. In the comics, he's been a hero, a villain and everything in between but on DC Universe's 'Titans', he's still finding his feet as a character.

For the most part, Curran Walters' Jason Todd has been little more than an angsty teenager though we do occasionally get flashes of something more. So perhaps it's time Jason got to live some of his most iconic moments from the comics on screen. The most important moment we can think of is obviously his death at the hands of the Joker and eventual resurrection through the machinations of Talia al-Ghul. It's a defining moment, not just in Jason's personal history but also in Batman's life. The chances of this actually being shown on the series are admittedly slim. There's a whole lot of red tape involved whenever someone tries to use a DC comics A-lister on one of the shows, which is why 'Titans' has never properly shown Batman despite having Iain Glen play Bruce Wayne in Season 2.

Cover art for 'Batman' (1940) #408 (Dick Giordano/DC Comics)

Another moment that's perhaps not as famous but is still iconic is the story of how Jason came to be adopted by Bruce in the first place. While the story has gone through a number of revisions over the years, the most popular version begins with Jason's life as a street orphan living on Crime Alley, the place where Thomas and Martha Wayne were gunned down. Batman encounters Jason for the first time when the youngster attempts to steal the tires off the Batmobile. He doesn't immediately adopt him but that's the start of their relationship and an iconic moment in the character's history.

In an interview with ComicBook, Walters spoke about how much he would love to see that scene on the show. "Obviously, one of the most iconic things, it would be pretty cool to like have the Batmobile, stealing of the tires," he said. "That's a pretty memorable scene for me. That would be fun, man. Obviously, the whole Joker thing would be a dream, ideal world. But, yeah, we'll see. I'm so thrilled to get that first script of the season and see what happens."

'Titans' Season 3 is scheduled to arrive on DC Universe sometime in the Fall of 2020, though it might get delayed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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