'Titans' season 2 may see Deathstroke, Superboy, Aqualad and other new characters joining the gritty superhero show

'Titans' season 2 may see Deathstroke, Superboy, Aqualad and other new characters joining the gritty superhero show

'Titans' is to the Teen Titans what 'Riverdale' is to Archie Comics, only better. The dark and gritty take on the fan-favorite team may have been met with negative reactions initially but, over the course of the first season, 'Titans' has proven itself to be a great adaptation of its source material.

These are not the cartoon heroes you grew up watching. These are not just a bunch of lovable sidekicks. The Titans are brutal, efficient and, quite possibly, more badass than their mentors on the Justice League could ever be.

Brenton Thwaites as Robin in 'Titans' (2018). (IMDb)

The first season of 'Titans' introduced us to the older, darker version of the team in a well-written storyline that showcased their abilities, personalities and rebellious attitude. The new season is set to continue in the same vein with new iconic Titans, allies, and villains joining the show. And with Robin (Brenton Thwaites), Raven (Teagan Croft) and Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) now seemingly under the control of Raven's demonic father Trigon (Seamus Dever) at the end of the first season, the Titans are going to need all the help they can get.


A post-credits scene at the end of the last episode of 'Titans' season one revealed Superboy and Krypto the Superdog. Conner Kent, the extremely powerful clone of Superman, has been a member of the Titans in the comics and his introduction was quite inevitable. With Joshua Orpin cast in the role, fans can finally see Superboy join the show along with his trusty canine companion Krypto.

While he will probably be joining the team, it would be quite epic if Superboy were to go up against his teammates at some point. A showdown between the Boy of Steel and the mind controlled Robin would not be unappreciated and seeing Conner square off against Anna Diop’s Starfire would be a genuine VFX treat.

Talking of epic battles, the new season will most certainly feature one between Dick Grayson and Deathstroke (Esai Morales) - supersoldier, mercenary and Grayson's arch-nemesis from the comics. The first season has already established Grayson as an extremely capable fighter, taking down multiple opponents with nothing but a metal bar while injured. If anyone can give the no-longer-a-Boy Wonder a worthy fight, it's DC’s premier super-assassin.


Esai Morales attends the premiere of Netflix's 'The Christmas Chronicles' at Fox Bruin Theater on November 18, 2018, in Los Angeles, California. (Getty Images)

Deathstroke isn’t coming alone though. His prodigal children Jericho and Ravager are also set to join the show, played by Chella Man and Chelsea Zhang respectively. Jericho in the comics is a highly unstable metahuman with a burning hatred for his father and the power to possess people. The comics-version of Ravager, on the other hand, is a skilled fighter rivaling her father. With the characters reportedly set to appear for at least seven episodes on the new season, Deathstroke's children will probably prove to be an integral part of the team. If they don't betray them all, that is.


Superboy and Robin’s Young Justice teammate Aqualad is also set to join the series. The young hero from the deep will be played by 'Pretty Little Liars' star Drew Van Acker.

'Titans' season two will also feature Natalie Gumede ('Jekyll and Hyde') in a recurring role as Mercy Graves. In the comics, Graves is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter and markswoman who has used her skills for both heroism and villainy. Oh, and she's also Lex Luthor’s loyal bodyguard. With Graves joining the show, it’s probably only a matter of time before her boss shows up too.

The Titans might be all about rebelling against their mentors but the first season did not show much of the Justice League or its members, unless you count Batman's appearance in the last episode where he was barely more than a shadowy figure haunting Gotham and Grayson. The new season will fix that with 'Game Of Thrones' star Iain Glen donning Batman's iconic pointy-eared cape, finally putting a face to the name (and barely-seen body). And he is probably not going to take too kindly to Grayson's "F**k Batman!" attitude.


When the new season drops, it will have a lot of work to do if it is to do justice to all these amazing characters. But if the first season was any indication, 'Titans' is going to continue to be a dark, twisted and fun ride. If you weren't excited for the new season yet, now would be a good time to start. 

'Titans' season two will arrive in the fall of 2019. 

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