'Titans': Fans speculate major namedrops in the next episode

Apart from Wonder Girl's appearance in the next episode 'Donna Troy' fans believe that we may see Lilith Clay, Batgirl and Kid Flash as well.

                            'Titans': Fans speculate major namedrops in the next episode

After bringing in Jason Todd and Doom Patrol, fans are speculating that Netflix's adaption of 'Titans' will be dropping quite a few surprises in this week's upcoming episode, 'Donna Troy'. We know for sure that Wonder Girl will be making an appearance after all the episode is named after her - but she may not be all.




Jason Todd's appearance in episode 6 was a pleasant surprise to fans. It was also the very first time we saw Todd, the other Robin, on a television screen. The character's arrival was out of nowhere - one moment Dick is trying to get Adamson's corpse out of the way and the next we are hit with another Robin who seemed to have no business being there. However, his character came with a lot of insight -  Todd Robin's arrival showed us why Dick left Batman in spite of everything he had done for him after he was picked up when his parents died. Todd's take on vigilante justice also made fans wonder if Batman had actually kicked Dick out. 

"Depending on how they're doing this, I can see Lilith being a good possibility. One that I would find interesting. Karen and Mal as well, maybe," said a fan. Lilith Clay is one of the first ever Teen Titans in the comics. Her origin and her powers are relatively not known but we do know this - she is best friends with Dona. The show's promo teases that Dick Grayson and Donna are supposed to be close and he's trying all he can do to help her. A cameo from her best buddy is entirely possible. As for Karen Bleecher aka Bumblebee, she is also a part of the DC main shared universe and has had crucial roles to play in both 'Doom Patrol' and 'Teen Titans'. As for Malcolm "Mal" Duncan, he made his appearance in the comic universe around the same time as Karen in the 1970s. He saved the Teen Titans from a street gang called the Hell Hawks by beating their leader in a boxing match. He eventually got recruited by the Titans and married Karen. 




Another fan pointed out a pretty plausible rumor. "I heard rumors that Superboy will be joining the roster this season. Hopefully, that rumor is true because the only other character I want more than superboy is Tim Drake. Superboy is supposedly the last episode." Another fan weighed in on the speculation saying, "I've heard a lot about Superboy appearing." Clark Kent and Lois Lane's son, Superboy has made an appearance in another Teen Titans spin-off, named 'Smallville: Titans' as well as 'Teen Titans Go!'. 

Other names that are expected to be seen are Wally West, who was the second Flash and the first Kid Flash, Aqualad who was also a part of Teen Titans at various point and Barbara Gordon or Batgirl. 

'Teen Titans' airs on Netflix on Friday.