How did Tina Burner and Graham Norton meet? ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ queen opens up about dating the TV personality

How did Tina Burner and Graham Norton meet? ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ queen opens up about dating the TV personality
Tina Burner and Graham Norton dated for five years (@thetinaburner/Instagram, Getty Images)

If the walls of the Werk Room on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' could talk, they'd have some pretty intense stories to tell. Luckily, fans of the show are privy to the tea regardless, as the queens are always down for a good old fashion Kiki.

On this episode of 'Drag Race', the queens geared up for their 'Rusical' performance, with a few queens doing phenomenal well in their rehearsals, while others struggled to get their act together. In order to calm those stage nerves, the queens decided to chat the nervousness away, with Rosé bringing up the topic of relationships – mentioning that Tina Burner happened to date someone rather famous – TV host Graham Norton.


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It's no secret that Graham Norton and Tina Burner/Kristian Seeber were 'in a relationship', as Tina put it, while on the show. The couple dated for five years, before breaking up in 2006.
The couple, however, did get back and Seeber even moved into Norton's London home.

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How did the two meet?

Norton spoke about their relationship at length in his memoir in 2014. Titled 'The Life And Loves Of A He Devil', Norton detailed how the couple met. The two of them crossed paths at a bar. Norton described Seeber as 'tall and broad-shouldered with an easy smile that took up half his face.'

Why did they break up?

Seeber might not have been the boyband member dreamboat one would think he'd be. As Norton explains, if Seeber 'were to be judged solely on his behavior, then I concede he was not great boyfriend material.' Even Norton's friends weren't convinced about him - 'What they couldn’t see was the special spark that fires within him: when he decides to shine his light on you, it makes you feel as special as he is.' - is how Norton explained.

Seeber spoke about their relationship too, explaining that a lot did go down between them. From being accused of dating Norton for fame to terrible paparazzi pictures, it wasn't smooth sailing for Seeber either "I remember people passing judgment on me immediately, are you after his money?" Seeber explained on the show.

While they both have gone their separate ways, they both seem to have found their calling.

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