'Timothee Chalamet Leaked' trends on Twitter, angry fans demand his NUDE pictures after TikTok's kissing clip

#TimotheeChalametLeaked Twitter trend made some people really angry, others were ecstatic

                            'Timothee Chalamet Leaked' trends on Twitter, angry fans demand his NUDE pictures after TikTok's kissing clip
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Timothee Chalamet can make women's knees go weak with just one look! If you have any second thoughts about it, the latest Twitter trend will prove you wrong. The actor, who was recently in news for a kissing clip with Selena Gomez, has conquered a lot of social media space.

The 'Call Me by Your Name' actor's name was all over the Internet with the hashtag #TimotheeChalametLeaked. Apparently, fans were scouting for his nude pictures and videos. "Tiktok stans going to twitter after finding out #timotheechalametleaked is trending," one said and another wrote, "All the girls logging onto twitter just to find out their malnourished victorian orphan’s nudes didn’t leak #TimotheeChalametleaked."

"Y’all are evil for this the amount of locals that are gonna stalk this hashtag expecting something #timotheechalametleaked," one wrote and another posted, "What a great way to wake up from my nap to find this all over the TL #TimotheeChalametleaked."

Timothée Chalamet (Getty Images)

The trend seemed to be a hoax and all it had was blank pictures. However, it managed to pull enough viewers. Later, those who joined the party later couldn't help but lambast all the fans who had forced them to click on it. "So he didn’t get leaked? YOU BITCHES! #timotheechalametleaked," one posted and another said, "Me after replying to the ppl looking for 'the leaks' with a blank picture and saying 'he’s packing'." One enraged fan said, "ANGRY. WANTED TO SEE TIMOTHY CHALAMET'S NUDES, BUT APPARENTLY IT'S JUST SOME KPOP SHIT? PISSED OFF."

"The same bitches that always say 'leaking nudes is wrong' are looking for some in this hashtag right now #timotheechalametleaked," one fan wrote and another said, "Reminder that spreading leaked nudes of any kind, even a celeb, is an incredibly shitty thing to do. #TimotheeChalametleaked." One even went on to cover up the actor by saying, "Of course he didn’t get leaked.. y’all think this man takes nudes ?? #timotheechalametleaked."

One wrote, "If timothée chalamets’s nudes ever leaked i would simply deactivate #timotheechalametleaked."

A while back, another old TikTok video of him with Gomez was doing rounds on social media which left the fans wondering if they were dating. Well, it seems the lockdown really has got people bored and if this is what keeps them energized, so be it. Sorry, Timothee Chalamet fans.

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