'Timeless': 'The Miracle of Christmas' is the gift fans deserve, bringing the time-traveling hit full circle

You may mistake it for a film, and first-timers will not ask a lot of questions. All the loose ends were perfectly tied into a perfect bow, making for an ideal Christmas gift.

                            'Timeless': 'The Miracle of Christmas' is the gift fans deserve, bringing the time-traveling hit full circle

This article contains spoilers.

The much-loved time-traveling NBC hit has come to a bitter-sweet end. After many campaigns to save the show ever since its first cancellation after season one, the creators went the distance, giving fans a last two-hour finale, much to their joy and their despair.

You may mistake it for a film, and first-timers will not ask a lot of questions. However, all the loose ends were perfectly tied into a perfect bow, so we know it's the best Christmas present fans could ask for. Here's how it unfurls; divided into two parts, the action takes place on five different timelines, Lucy from 2023 presents her journal to Lucy (2018). Future Wyatt from 2023 assures Wyatt in 2018 that Rufus will be brought back to life.


Five minutes in, there's a sigh of relief and as the show progresses, more merry news comes our way. It is safe to say the finale brings an end to an epic series and consists of resurrections, deaths, surprise appearances and much more, while still leaving room for one's imagination. The finale starts off with a brilliant recap that highlights vital moments from the entire series. This ensures it makes first-time watchers an instant fan.

Post the first few minutes of recap, the finale starts off in Chinatown right where season 2 ended. Future Lucy and Wyatt begin with a message revealing they can time-travel back to their own timelines but just like everything else it comes with consequences. However, those risks are worth taking.

Though saving Rufus and tying up every loose end is the main priority of the show, it isn't hard to miss that Lucy and Wyatt are definitely the flagbearers of the finale, especially after Lucy from the future gives her journal to the present-day Lucy. The journal answers a lot of burning questions such as what will be the fate of Lucy and Wyatt and if Lucy's sister Amy comes back.


After future Wyatt reveals Jessica was lying all this while about being pregnant, a closed door opens up for Lucy and Wyatt's relationship yet again. While the Mothership travels back to 1848 Coloma, California, the Time Team follows suit. The first time-travel in the finale begins in the wild west and you are surely in for some surprises that would make you sad and happy at the same time.

Now that Lucy has her journal from the future, unexpected things start to unravel. Luckily you don't have to wait too long before Rufus makes his comeback, but, as said before, it does come with consequences. His entrance is even better than what the teaser revealed. 

The most interesting part about the entire finale is that instead of going over the top, the creators made it realistic and left no thread without a conclusion. Despite the show being a fantasy series, it does portray a great deal about relationships, heart-to-heart conversations, apologies, and confrontations between the characters. If you have had questions, the creators made sure they were answered throughout the finale, leaving no stone unturned. Though you will need a box of tissues, it could be said most of them will be happy tears.

Wyatt and Lucy, as mentioned earlier, are the flagbearers of the special. The love triangle is finally resolved after Flynn erases himself from history when he goes back to his timeline to save Rufus. It is an open door for 'Team Lyatt'. As for Gia and Rufus, well, now that he is back, it is like he never left. Though they find it hard to cope given he was dead for three years, it all ends well.

Back on their second mission to Korea in 1950, the team almost faces death due to Emma's plot to kill them. But they are saved for the first time by Wyatt and the second time by Agent Christopher. Not wanting to be a second choice, Lucy talks to Rufus and is initially bent on not getting back together with Wyatt. But, while hiding from communists in a church, Lucy and Wyatt have a heart-to-heart conversation and finally end up together.


As for Emma, well, she meets her end. Though she tries to change Lucy's mind and trick her into believing she can bring Amy back, Lucy does not buy it. As fate would have it; it is not someone from the team who kills Emma. She is killed by the communists. Amy is never brought back.

Back in the present with both the Mothership and the Lifeboat in the hands of the Time Team, Wyatt talks to Lucy about traveling back in time and bringing Amy back from erased history. But Lucy denies that, because if they do, then there will be no difference between them and Rittenhouse, the house of the Mothership.


The most heartwarming part of the finale is that all the characters grow together as a team and stay true to themselves. The entire series takes us on a journey we never expected through past, present, and future. The loose ends are finally tied up and the creators did a great job in giving us the closure we wanted. Added to that, they have even given us hope that someday we might have a chance to see our Time Team on another mission.

After destroying the Mothership, while the team wanted to destroy the Lifeboat, Agent Christopher stopped them revealing there is a fair chance someone in the future might end up building a time machine and the Time Team might have another mission.


'The Miracle of Christmas' from 'Timeless' is definitely the gift fans and viewers deserve. The series ended with messages that will live on forever because of its timelessness. Fans got their closure, but the two-hour finale didn't suffice for those who can't have enough of the time-traveling team. With this end comes a moment to breathe, but we can surely hope 'Timeless' will return again. After all, the series is about never giving up.

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