'Timeless' takes America's best president back to the future

'Timeless' takes America's best president back to the future
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We all love a good time jump series, and 'Timeless' feeds our hungry souls just perfectly! This week's episode took us back to a time when America was full of hope and undying optimism. 

Our heroes have found themselves facing a pretty crazy predicament.

Let's begin with the fact that we have a homicidal teacher who wanted to kill a young 17-year-old high school kid (JFK), who by the way is rescued by complete strangers happening to kidnap him.

Oh yes, and this time, the episode takes us 80 years back into the future -- the present day. 

'Timeless' introduces Grant Jordan's John F. Kennedy in the best way possible. The team break it to him that he's been cursed to die young. The episode aptly titled 'The Kennedy Curse' follows the tale of the ill-fated politician who is suddenly transported to the year 2018. 

Grant's got his JFK down to a pat, right down to the accent. Rufus and Wyatt come to JFK to rescue him from an impending attack from another Rittenhouse sleeper.

Lucy is still recovering from her near-death experience after she was almost hung after being accused of being a witch, so Flynn takes her place. Bad idea, because he gets left behind while the rest of the gang is transported back to the future. 

Of course, there as to be drama following the time-hopping crew. The young Kennedy manages to escape the bunker and is promptly thrust into the year 2018.

The modern world briefly startles the young Kennedy, but not before he charms a young girl to give him a ride. 

The team splits up to find young JFK. Wyatt, Lucy and Jessica manage to track him down to a local hospital thanks to their prior knowledge of the young man's chronic stomach aches. But they run into Emma, the Rittenhouse pilot that was assigned to take out JFK. A fight ensues between the four of them, and Emma manages to escape. Jessica realizes that her husband Wyatt still has feelings for Lucy. 

The young JFK reveals his identity to his rescuer Kayla, and there's some serious romance going on between the two. But Kayla's discovery lead to JFK's own discovery of his tragic death and the curse that befell his family. Seeing the hulking responsibilities ahead of him, the young man returns to the bunker and makes his way back to the past to face his fate. 

We can't wait for the upcoming episodes. After hearing about 'Timeless' and its 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, we're hoping the show gets renewed for another season!

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