'Timeless' fans express heart-felt goodbyes after finale 'The Miracle of Christmas'

After the two-hour finale aired on NBC Friday, Meaww got in touch with various 'Timeless' fan groups from social media, who had heart-felt goodbye messages for the cast and crew

                            'Timeless' fans express heart-felt goodbyes after finale 'The Miracle of Christmas'

The much-loved time-traveling NBC series has now come to a bitter-sweet end. After fans of the show created many campaigns to save the show after its first cancellation after season one, the creators went the extra mile and gave fans a last two-hour finale, much to their joy and their despair.

When you watch it, you may mistake it for a film, and if you are watching it for the first time you will not ask a lot of questions. However, all the loose ends were perfectly tied into a perfect bow, so we know it's the best Christmas present fans could ask for.

After the two-hour finale of 'Timeless' aired on NBC Friday at 6 pm ET, Meaww got in touch with various 'Timeless' fan groups from social media and got their opinion as to what they thought about the finale and if it met their expectations. Apart from that, the fans also revealed what they will miss most about the series and even had a heart-felt goodbye message for the cast and crew of the NBC hit. 


Now that the show has come to an end, Lauren from Time Team Ohio, revealed that though they wrapped up everything, she is still sad that Lucy's sister Amy was not brought back from erased history. "I think unlike most endings, this was the most satisfying ending I've ever seen. I've been through a lot of tv shows, books, movies... all to leave disappointed because so many things were left up in the air. Timeless was given one last shot and the entire crew, cast, and staff were given a VERY short period of time to wrap this up... and wow, they did it. They did it better than anything I have ever seen. So, yes, I do think they handled and wrapped up everything... although Amy is still gone, and that makes me extremely sad," she said. 

Meanwhile, Mary McMillin-Koski, from another 'Timeless' fandom added: "It tied up some loose ends but def can see where it was left open for more. I thought the writers did an amazing job and the redemption arc for Flynn, seriously, I cried. There are so many possibilities even going back to the beginning because who knows what things Lucy put in the journal. I would imagine what we know of, but things can change."


Though the show wrapped up every loose end it had left hanging, the saddest part for every fan to witness was the death of Flynn himself. He gave up his life to resurrect Rufus. When we asked them what they thought about Flynn's decision to sacrifice his life for Rufus, fans revealed they were torn apart and couldn't stop crying. "I cried!! I can never watch someone sacrifice themselves to save another without crying," said Samantha from Time Team Ohio.

The ending revealed there was another time machine being sketched. After noticing that, Emily from Time Team Ohio revealed that this gives her hope that there might be another season. "It definitely gives hope for another season. When I saw it, I thought 'when will we be getting the news about another season?'" she said.

McMillin-Koski agreed: "Oh yes... Conner made a great point that even if we control these time machines like all technology it can get replicated and introducing a new time machine with who knows what agenda can cause a butterfly effect. I am happy Agent Christopher decided to keep the lifeboat... I have a feeling they will be needing it."

Apart from being grateful the creators tied up every loose end in the series finale, fans were also able to take a message from it on a personal level. "The lesson we learn in the end: That as hard as we try, we can't bring back those we've lost. Oh my gosh, that part hit me SO hard!!" revealed Samantha. 


The thought that 'Timeless' is now no more is quite heart-wrenching. When we asked fans what they will miss most about the show, Lauren said: "Obviously, the new adventure every week is going to be missed. I am going to miss Rufus' smart mouthing, Lucy's fangirling, Wyatt's indifferent but lovable behavior... I could go on and on, but the thing I am going to absolutely miss the most is the sense of community I get from being in this family. The cast, the crew, the writers... they're what I'm going to miss interacting with every week. They're so incredible." 

Finally, the fans also penned down their very own goodbye message to the cast and crew of 'Timeless'. "Even if the show doesn’t get more seasons, the show will, forever, live on in the hearts of the fans and that’s all thanks to you lovely people," Emily said. And McMillin-Koski penned her goodbye message by saying: "Honestly, it's not over. You did such an amazing job last night and as long as there is a chance to save 'Timeless' we will keep fighting." 

Though everyone hopes this is not the end for 'Timeless', the creators sure did give fans a Christmas to remember this year. Watch the rest of the goodbye messages by fans below.