'Timeless': #SaveTimeless spurs as fans' clarion call ahead of 2-hour finale

After fans started a massive campaign, NBC decided to renew 'Timeless' for the second time and is now airing its finale December 20

                            'Timeless': #SaveTimeless spurs as fans' clarion call ahead of 2-hour finale

Christmas is arriving early this year for 'Timeless' fans as the show is returning for its two-hour finale in barely three days. No other show has ever been canceled and renewed as much as 'Timeless'. The time-travel series was canceled for the second time in July by NBC. Fortunately, after fans started a massive campaign, NBC decided to renew it for the second time and is now airing the finale December 20.

Though the reboot is not far away from premiering, fans are not satisfied with the show ending so soon. Though the two-part finale is supposed to give the fans the closure they need, they are just hoping the creators have a change of mind and renew it yet again. This just proves that the fans of 'Timeless' are not ready to let go and are not losing hope either.

"There will be NO goodbye, only a TEMPORARY au revoir. As long as Clockblocker passion & enthusiasm continues to rage in unbridled fashion, #Timeless will return for a third season SOMEWHERE. This I know. We will NEVER give up the battle! We'll NEVER surrender hope! #SaveTimeless." wrote one fan.


Along with hopes that it will be renewed or taken up by one of the streaming giants, fans are disappointed with NBC for canceling 'Timeless'. "It's so sad the way @nbc has treated this incredibly excellent show. It seems they are afraid to promote it so they can say they were right to cancel it. #RenewTimeless," said one fan.

Whatever may be the situation, fans are not ready to let go. They continue their campaigns to get the attention of streaming giants. "We are NOT saying goodbye. We ARE saying goodbye & good riddance to NBC b/c #Timeless deserves more & better as do the fans! We WILL get picked up by another network/service who appreciates a PHENOMENAL & AMAZING show & their dedicated & loyal fans! #SaveTimeless," wrote another.


Things also got a little emotional for fans when the Twitter page for 'Timeless' put up a post, captioning it: "We don't want to say goodbye! #Timeless." Stating goodbye is not in the vocabulary of 'Timeless' one fan said, "Goodbye isn’t a part of the #Timeless vocabulary. We WILL #SaveTimeless!." Adding to that another fan said. "We aren’t saying goodbye. We won’t stop. #timeless #savetimeless." 


Though fans are sad the show might end, this particular caption is, perhaps, a hint. Maybe they aren't going to say goodbye. This show might be renewed or taken up by a streaming giant. Or this might actually be the end and the creators are equally sad about it. All we can do right now is ponder and wait for the show to air in the next few days.

The most awaited two-part finale of 'Timeless' will air December 20, Thursday. It will air from 8 pm to 10 pm on NBC.