Time Lords David Tennant and Peter Capaldi stop time with their presence at 'The League of Gentlemen Live'

Although the two Time Lords had only visited the show to watch Gatiss take the stage, fans seemed to have entered a different dimension on noticing the stars' presence.

                            Time Lords David Tennant and Peter Capaldi stop time with their presence at 'The League of Gentlemen Live'

David Tennant and Peter Capaldi have done it again, but this time along with a league of some extraordinary gentlemen. The two Time Lords had probably paused time for everyone in the audience when they stepped into the Hammersmith Apollo in London on the night of September 26, to watch 'Doctor Who' writer Mark Gatiss, live on stage for 'The League of Gentlemen Live'. 

'The League of Gentlemen' returned to the stage in 2018 for their first UK tour in over 12 years with their brand new live show ‘The League Of Gentlemen Live Again!’. Beginning in August 2018, the tour saw BAFTA Award-winning comedy legends Reece Shearsmith, Steve Pemberton, Mark Gatiss, and Jeremy Dyson bring their dark and unhinged fictional village of Royston Vasey to theaters and arenas across the country. However, on the night of September 26, the attention of the audience might have shifted (a little bit) from one legendary show to two legendary characters. 

While it is true that the Time Lords can be anywhere at any time, people certainly were not prepared for this. While Gatiss and his co-stars were performing, the audience could not seem to decide if they should stare at the Doctors or just concentrate on the show. 




Several fans shared the fascinating moment on social media, and they will certainly make you pretty jealous for not getting the opportunity to be there on a star-studded night. 




However, it wasn't just the presence of Tennant and Capaldi which drove the audience mad. Almost considering themselves in a mystifying time wrap, the audience soon realized that along with the Time Lords, John Simm (who played The Master and Doctor Who's nemesis) and comedian David Williams (who played alien-mode Gibbis during the sixth series of Doctor Who) were also present. 




Some fans also got pretty lucky, since after the show both Tennant and Capaldi chose to hang around with their fans for a while. Although this isn't the first time that Capaldi and his predecessor have given their fans a treat with their presence. The tenth and the twelfth doctors were also seen together at the Wizard World convention in Austin, Texas.



It's probably only fair that Tennant would want to spend some time with his successor since the tenth doctor has already moved on with his life and will soon be seen playing a very off-track character (for him) in Lena Dunham's upcoming show 'Camping'. While Tennant has himself mentioned that playing the character of Walt is pretty much unlike any other characters that he has ever played, 'Camping' might just be a comic relief for Tennant who is also set to be the bad angel in Neil Gaiman's upcoming six-part series, 'Good Omens'.