Freddie Mercury's predecessor Tim Staffell says he was extremely jealous of Queen after they made it big

The former bandmate of May and Taylor was portrayed by actor Jack Roth in the movie and also featured in the soundtrack

                            Freddie Mercury's predecessor Tim Staffell says he was extremely jealous of Queen after they made it big

A former bandmate of Brian May and Roger Taylor from the band Smile has admitted he had suffered from extreme envy when Queen made it big. It was his exit that paved the way for Freddie Mercury to join the trio and form one of the greatest musical outfits of all time. Nevertheless, Tim Staffell now says he is "bathing in the glow" after appearing on the soundtrack of the blockbuster biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, Ultimate Classic Rock reports.

Two years after joining Smile as vocalist and bassist, Staffell, portrayed by actor Jack Roth in the movie, is seen quitting the band because he believed they were headed nowhere. Staffell was invited to record vocal and bass tracks for the band's song 'Doin' Alright', which appeared on Queen’s debut album and is featured in the soundtrack.


Speaking of Queen's success to the Daily Express, Staffell said: "I was desperately envious. The only thing I’d say in my defense is that I was never destructively jealous. But by God I was envious." The erstwhile bandmate of May had attended school with him before studying in art college alongside Mercury.

"He used to say, 'Someday I’m going to be a superstar', and everybody used to say, 'Yeah, sure you are, Freddie'. He was a civilized guy, not rough round the edges. I never ever saw him swear or say a bad word at anybody. Some people’s egotism is offensive, but not with Freddie. He was always a lovely, lovely guy. There was none of that avarice for fame."


Staffell took part in a reunion performance in 1992, having remained close friends with the members of Queen.

He was recently asked by May to re-record 'Doin' Alright' at Abbey Road Studios in London. The singer recalled: "I never knew if I could still hack it. Then they said, 'Will you overdub the bass as well?' and it made perfect sense. Then they said they were using it for the soundtrack album, and ever since then, I’ve been bathing in the glow."

The vocalist and bassist joined folk-rock band Humpy Bong after departing from Smile, although they broke up a year later. "Although I was envious of them, I wanted a more homely existence," he said. "I’m so glad I didn’t go on the road because I just couldn’t cope with it. What I really wanted to do was write songs, record them in the studio and maybe do the odd gig close to home." Staffell continues to make music to this day.