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Freshly dumped: Video shows woman defecating on the floor and then flinging the poop at the staff at Tim Hortons

When a customer at a Tim Hortons in British Columbia was refused access to the washroom, she decided to take her revenge - by flinging poop.
UPDATED FEB 19, 2020
(Source : Getty Images)
(Source : Getty Images)

Just how far would you go to get back at a restaurant that just refused you washroom access?

To a rather angry customer captured on surveillance footage at a Tim Hortons, the answer involved replicating the actions of our monkey cousins in the wild. The shocking video shows the woman defecating on to the floor of the restaurant before throwing her fresh feces at the staff. 

The incident happened in the city of Langley in Canada during the evening hours of Monday, May 14th. The clip shows the woman arguing with the staff before pulling down her pants and pooping right onto the restaurant floor. She then throws the excrement at the staff before snatching a bunch of napkins to clean herself with.

The woman, whose name has not been released, was arrested by Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Langley, British Columbia. She was later released, according to a CBC News report. The woman is scheduled to attend a court hearing at a later date. She was apparently “known” to the police and allegedly has a history of aggressive behavior.

Tim Hortons has released a statement about the incident explaining that the argument took place after an employee refused to give the woman access to the restroom. The decision was allegedly made on the basis of her “past behavior” and "out of concern for the immediate safety" of those in the restroom.

The Canada-based restaurant chain has a "restricted access policy for restrooms to ensure the well-being of our guests."

While most restaurants allow patrons to freely access onsite restroom facilities, some insist that the customers get access from the staff either with a key or a buzzer, as was the case here.

Chimpanzees, baboons and other apes are known to use their excrement as projectile weapons when enraged. The video suggests that the behavior might not be entirely absent among humans. How anyone could possibly resort to such extreme measures and go where no one has gone before is another question.

Apes throw their poop to show anger. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

The footage has turned viral on social media. Users have welcomed the hilarious video with jokes and comments on Twitter. Some have even admitted that they relate to the furious woman taking a stand (or more accurately, a squat) against the restaurant.

One user commented that the woman “is the hero 2018 deserves, but not the one it needs right now.” 

Another stated that “We have all thought about shitting on the floor of a tim hortons” and that he was “glad a hero finally did it.”

References to Batman aside, the incident has definitely drawn attention to Tim Hortons and their new arch-enemy. Hopefully, more people don’t decide to emulate the “Tim Hortons lady”; for the sake of restaurant employees everywhere.