Former ice hockey player Tim Brent receives death threats after posing with bodies of grizzly bear and moose

34-year-old Tim Brent was on the receiving end of thousands of angry comments after he posted photos of him posing next to a bear and moose he hunted.

                            Former ice hockey player Tim Brent receives death threats after posing with bodies of grizzly bear and moose

Tim Brent, best known for his stint as a professional ice hockey forward for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Carolina Hurricanes in the National Hockey League, has been the target of death threats on Twitter after he posted a photo of himself next to a grizzly bear he hunted in Yukon, Canada.

In a Twitter post, the 34-year-old bragged he had killed the bear after "an awesome stalk," writing, "Alright folks, here is my Mountain Grizzly! We put an awesome stalk on him but he spotted us at about 75 yards. Instead of taking off he turned and came right at us. It was very easy to tell this bear [sic] owned the valley we were hunting in and wasn’t scared of anything!"


The comments on the photo were mostly those of enraged Twitterati, many of whom were not shy to express what they felt of him. It wasn't just random netizens that hit out at  Brent either, with quite a few celebrities making their opinion on the matter crystal clear as well.

Comedian Ricky Gervais, who is well-recognized as a staunch animal rights supporter, called out Brent and wrote, "I bet killing this beautiful bear put "an awesome stalk" on Tim too." Holly Marie Combs, who starred in series such as 'Picket Fences' and 'Pretty Little Liar,' similarly posted, "Nauseating."

Jim Cornette, a former professional wrestling booker, commentator, and manager, did not mince his words. "Don't have a f**king clue who you are, I'm sure a lot of people have beaten me to it, but I had to tell you what a sick f**king waste of flesh you & the rest of your hunter ilk are. I wish the tables were turned, you were naked in woods & the bear had the gun. Seriously f**k you," he wrote.


It soon became apparent that some of the posters did not restrain themselves to just cussing out the 34-year-old. In a separate post, he highlighted one of the comments where the user had written, "We'll get a Mexican Cartel to put a hit on you and see if you worry about it then." He complained, "This is what we are up against as Hunters and conservationists! These are the types of messages I am getting on twitter in response to my moose and bear hunts."

The moose he was referencing was the other animal he had shot and killed in his hunt. In two other posts, Brent had uploaded photos of him posing with his father-in-law next to a dead moose, as well as one where he had gutted the animal and showed off its backstrap. These were similarly populated with hateful comments.

In a more recent Tweet, Brent defended himself by stating he only hunted so he could feed his family. Accompanying a picture of a freezer full of meat was the caption, "One of the many reasons I hunt! Moose, bear, elk and wild boar fill my family’s freezer!"

According to the Daily Mail, there are between 6,000 and 7,000 grizzly bears in the Yukon area. While they are classified as 'vulnerable,' it appears as though Brent's hunts are not illegal.